Cooler Master MH630 headset test one of the best helmet

Cold specialist on our competitive PCs, Cooler Master has become one of the masters – without bad word game – gaming device. It has multiple keyboards and mice at its catalog, but also put in mind to develop a full range of micro headset whose quality is usually not. We would not want to answer right away to the question asked in the introduction of this test, but the MH630 thanks to a remarkably studied price is not far from constituting a must have on the market of the Gaming PC device. Explanations.

simple, sober, efficient … but unbalanced

Invariably mixing black and purple, fetish color of Cooler Master, the box of MH630 does not come out of the manufacturer’s standards. It is regretted that it continues to use a species of plastic insert to fix / maintain its product while more and more builders are passed to cardboard, equally practical and a little more green. Nothing to complain about the protection offered at the MH630 or the accompaniment of the product. In the first place, it will also be emphasized the presence, rare on this price segment, a transport bag.

Cooler Master is also one of the few builders to offer the Jack separator on a product revolving around the 60 euros. It is not the only one, but we would like the thing to get generalized. The separator allows to double the 3.5 mm jacks of the only cable to connect the MH630 to the two headphone / micro jacks of our PCs. For other machines, the 3.5mm Jack 4 points will be good enough. A regret on the other hand: if the flexible and braided cable is very nice for use, it turns out a little short for a PC. We measured it at exactly 1.5 meters, which can be carried to 1.8 m thanks to the 30 cm of the Jack separator.

Very good point, on the other hand, Cooler Master does not try to save candle and cable is detachable. Also detachable the flexible microphone pole, which allows to store everything very clean and secure. No other accessories to report in the MH630 box that does not have any replacement headset. Such accessories, however, have a significant cost and we understand that Cooler Master did not wish to climb the rate of his helmet for which he still made the effort of a system not too complex with withdrawal of the coatings of Headsets.

Let’s come to the design part proper to emphasize a reproach – it will be the only real – because the helmet is slightly unbalanced. In fact, while it weighs only a very classic 304 grams, it may seem heavier. Nothing catastrophic either, but you have to get used to it. Fortunately, for the rest is almost an without-fault, considering the price of the product. The headset skeleton is obviously fully plastic and the central hoop may seem a little flexible, but it makes it easy to put it very easily, things are in place and one never feels of the skull under pressure .

The foam and fabric coating are nice to the touch and offer a good breathability that we find logically on the atria. Good size, these encompass the entire pavilion of our Esgourdes and is perfectly in place. The morphology of our face is respected thanks to a wide amplitude of adjustment in height and mounting the atria on rotating hinges: these are there to turn the atria to put the headphones on the shoulders at the time of Pause, but they allow a slightly more accurate fit, always practical.

Let’s finish this little horizon by evoking the controls and first specifying that no remote control is from the game. All settings are on the left atrium, the right is completely naked: a dial for the volume, a mute microphone, a plug for connecting the cable. 3.5 mm jack and an entrance to connect the microphone pole. Note the presence of a small plastic cache, always practical when you do not want to use said microphone, and that the latter has no boon.

Audio rendering in the high average, excellent microphone invoice

On its MH630, Cooler Master uses 50 mm transducers with neodymium magnets like most of its competitors. The manufacturer seems very optimistic, on the other hand, when it evokes a response frequency from 15 to 25,000 Hz. Still only for a model marketed around the 60 euros, the helmet is doing very well from the exercise audio rendering. It imposes first by the general neutrality of the original sound, even if some users could find it a little too much boomy. Apart from this slight penchant for the boom effects – very limited, however – there is hardly any reproach.

The MH630 offers a very correct frequency return on the bass given its price, with a very nice warm side. It is even more successful on the side of the mediums with remarkable efficiency and a perfect balance between voices and instruments. On the treble, the balance sheet is less exciting because of a little strident side and unpleasant whistling. Still, the most embarrassing is the absence of any software to accompany the product: you will need to use your own equalizer – if possible – to adjust the sound to your preferences.

In a pretty amusing way, we have already pointed out, however, Cooler Master puts more forward ahead of the microphone capture. A rare trend. The MH630 is indeed a champion of the category if it takes into account its relatively modest cost. Our voice is perfect, clear and accurate, and your gaming companions or your opponents of a night will be to the angels. The MH630 is also capable of the best to capture our voice even in noisy environments. A flat at this level, however because the phonic isolation of the atria is at least limited: at home this is not a problem, but in public transport, it is another story.

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One of the best micro headphones!

You will probably have understood by reading the article, we were very pleasantly surprised by this helmet-micro to more or less 60 euros. Elegant and well-designed, it has very practical rotary hinges and comfort on the skull is not a problem. Better, the MH630 produces a quality sound with regard to its price and micro capture is much better than on many otherly more expensive products. Cooler master signs a perfect product for a video game use and who can also accompany you on the move, if the cable does not inculpate you. A very good choice.

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  • Central hoop and comfortable eartles
  • A good ratio of audio / price
  • Particularly nice audio restitution in video game
  • Detachable and flexible microphone pole
  • Remarkable microphone capture, even in noisy environment
  • Jack separator 3.5 mm pc and transport bag delivered

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  • Sound insulation withdrawal
  • Light white noise if there is no sound
  • A little heavy, moderately balanced

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  • Price : 60 euros about
  • Compatible : PC, Consoles, Tablets, Smartphones …
  • Weight : 304 grams about
  • Login : Analog, Jack 3.5 mm
  • Transducers : 50 mm with neodymium magnets
  • Form of headphones : supra-aural
  • Spatialization of sound : no
  • Frequency response : 15 Hz – 25,000 Hz
  • Microphone : Yes, flexible and detachable pole
  • Frequency response from the microphone : 50 Hz – 18,000 Hz Noise reduction: passive
  • Where to buy? : Amazon

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