PS plus for the absolute low price Secure you now 12 months for 30 euros

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New customers of PS-Plus membership can just save properly. Sony skin the popular subscription right now to the absolute low price. Waste today 12 months at the top price of 29.99 euros. We reveal you where and how you get the offer.

Update from 19 August 2021 by Mandy Strebe:

Sparfüsche beware: Sony has just a very attractive action for all new customers of PS-Plus membership . Currently you can secure the one-year subscription to the unbeatable price of 29.99 euros .

These are whopping 50 percent discount and thus an absolute low price. All those who have always hitherto have to be kept at the latest now. From 19 to 30 August you can secure the offer in PS Store:

Click here for PS Plus in the PS Store!

A PS-Plus subscription belongs to the most PS4 players for standard equipment of your console. So ambitious Zocker can not only compete online against friends, but also secure two selected ** free games from the PlayStation Store monthly. Incidentally, you also get some perks to other digital purchases.

The Super Deal runs until 30th August and can be tackled as a new customer directly in the PS Store. Regular costs the subscription whole 59.99 euros – the current offer is thus a real bargain.

Original message:

PS Plus: 12 months membership for 41.99 euros – is the offer worthwhile?

If you buy the annual subscription for PS plus outside of discount camps, regularly pays 59.99 euros. If you suggest at the current deal, so you save about 30 percent compared to the standard price. Price development on shows that membership was rarely cheaper within one year. Although the absolute best price of 28.99 euros remains undisputed, but this one-day price crash can also be a dubious shop. If the PS-Plus subscription is reduced, you usually find it for 42 to 55 euros.

PS plus (12 months subscription): To the offer at MediaMarkt *

PS plus (12 months subscription): To offer Amazon *

If you want to extend your membership, so you can easily access this bargain. A much better deal is – also considered over a longer period of time – rather unlikely. The Days of Play officially runs until June 8th.