Without sleep for training and own disco Ze Roberto about the nightlife of Ronaldo and Ronaldinho

At the beginning of the millennium, several Brazilian exception players coined the events in world football. Whether Ronaldinho, Roberto Carlos, Cafus or of course Ronaldo – they all were at their positions as a benchmark for all other players on this planet.

In a time without social media, however, the stars could also be people – at least more than it is sometimes the case today. Today a prominent player appears at a party, landing pictures of them in no time on the Internet. At that time there were hardly any pictures – which was not because there were no such parties.

On the contrary, the Brazilian superstars knew exactly how to celebrate. The former Bundesliga professional Ze Roberto once revealed in an interview. Ronaldo was a party funny, Ze Roberto said to tyc Sports. But as much as O Fenomeno off the place on the plaster, he was as professional as a footballer.

He went out in the evening and came the next morning almost without sleep for training. That was incredible – especially because he also drank a few glasses and still trained like an animal, said Ze Roberto. Although the former Leverkusen- and Bavaria pro and Ronaldo never played together in the club, but both knew well from the national team.

ZE Roberto: Best national team of all time

The striker was not the only partygoer. Ronaldinho had his own nightclub in his house. I was so often invited to parties, but have always opted, said Ze Roberto, who was still Topfit until his career end at the age of 43.

Nevertheless, he can not resist a certain sadness when he looks at the 2006 World Cup. Because the focus on football was lost a little. The Brazilian team at the World Cup in Germany was the best national team of all time, but we were not concentrated enough. Brazil arrived at the quarterfinals against France at that time.

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