NBA News Total Historical schedule of the season 2021 22 published

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The NBA has released the entire historical schedule for the 2021/22 season. We show you the highlights of the first half of the season.

It starts on the night of Tuesday, 19 October, on Wednesday, October 20, at 1:30 am German time. The reigning champion from Milwaukee starts against the Brooklyn Nets, in the second game of the Opening Night, the Warriors and the Lakers are opposite (4 o’clock).

On the second matchday, Boston Celtics travel to New York in Madison Square Garden, while Philadelphia 76ers are demanded at Zion Williamson and New Orleans Pelicans. Finals Phoenix’s finals also receives the Denver Nuggets around MVP Nikola Jokic.

Luka Doncic and Dallas Mavericks celebrate their season premiere on the third matchday against the Atlanta Hawks.

NBA, Season 2021/22: The first three game days at a glance

NBA Opening Night

Appointment | Time | Home Team | Away team
— | — | — |-
20 . October | 1.30 Milwaukee Bucks | Brooklyn Nets
20 . October | 4 o’clock | Los Angeles Lakers | Golden State Warriors

NBA: The second matchday

Appointment | Time | Home Team | Away team
— | — | — |-
21 . October | 1 o’clock | Charlotte Hornets | Indiana Pacers
21 . October | 1 o’clock | Detroit Pistons | Chicago Bulls

21 . October | 1.30 New York Knicks | Boston Celtics
21 . October | 1.30 Toronto Raptors | Washington Wizards
21 . October | 2 o’clock | Memphis Grizzlies | Cleveland Cavaliers
21 . October | 2 o’clock | Minnesota Timberwolves | Houston Rockets
21 . October | 2 o’clock | New Orleans Pelicans | Philadelphia 76ers
21 . October | 2.30pm | San Antonio Spurs | Orlando Magic
21 . October | 3 o’clock | Utah Jazz | Oklahoma City Thunder
21 . October | 4 o’clock | Phoenix Suns | Denver nuggets
21 . October | 4 o’clock | Portland Trail Blazers | Sacramento Kings

NBA: The third game day

Appointment | Time | Home Team | Away team
— | — | — |-
22 . October | 1.30 Atlanta Hawks | Dallas Mavericks
22 . October | 2 o’clock | Miami Heat | Milwaukee Bucks
22 . October | 4 o’clock | Golden State Warriors | Los Angeles Clippers

In addition, there are numerous highlight games in the following months. Among other things, the Christmas Games, which mean complete program like every year. Among other things, the Lakers, Bucks, Nets, Warriors and Mavericks are in use.

With tension, the first games changed players are expected in their former arena. From a German point of view, of course, there is the return of Dennis Schröder to the Staples Center, otherwise we can also look forward to Kyle Lowry’s first game in Toronto in the Heat-Dress.

Of course, the big highlights are the direct games of the title favorites around the Lakes, Bucks, Warriors and Nets as well as the performances of Doncic against the Big Guns.

NBA released historic schedule


Due to the 75th anniversary of the league, the association has also considered very special key moments. So the knicks arrive against the Raptors on November 1st against the Raptors, in the first game of the story, the team from the Big Apple started on November 1, 1946 against the Toronto Huskies.

The Knicks, Celtics and Warriors – the three teams represented as the only one in every season – meet in December into a span of five days among each other in duels.

On January 7, 2022, the Hawks then play at the Lakers, on the day exactly 50 years after the Californian Atlanta beat and celebrated their 33rd victory in series – to this day, the longest winning streak of the NBA.

Betting odds for 21/22: a clear favorite – MAVs not even top 10

NBA game plan: The other highlights of the first half of the season

Appointment | Time | Home Team | Away team
— | — | — |-
17 . November | 1.30 Brooklyn Nets | Golden State Warriors
18 November | 1.30 Milwaukee Bucks | Los Angeles Lakers
4 . December | 4 o’clock | Los Angeles Lakers | Los Angeles Clippers
8th. December | 1.30 Dallas Mavericks | Brooklyn Nets
8th. December | 4 o’clock | Los Angeles Lakers | Boston Celtics
16 . December | 1.30 Dallas Mavericks | Los Angeles Lakers
25 . December | 8.30 am | Milwaukee Bucks | Boston Celtics
25 . December | 11 o’clock | Phoenix Suns | Golden State Warriors
26 . December | 2 o’clock | Los Angeles Lakers | Brooklyn Nets
26 . December | 4.30 Utah Jazz | Miami Heat
8th. January | 1.30 Brooklyn Nets | Milwaukee Bucks
14 . January | 1.30 Milwaukee Bucks | Golden State Warriors
26 . January | 1.30 Brooklyn Nets | Los Angeles Lakers
30 . January | 2.30pm | Golden State Warriors | Brooklyn Nets
4 . February | 4 o’clock | Toronto Raptors | Miami Heat
4 . February | 1.30 Los Angeles Clippers | Los Angeles Lakers
9 . February | 1.30 Los Angeles Lakers | Milwaukee Bucks
13 . February | 2.30pm | Golden State Warriors | Los Angeles Lakers

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