Media market – now PS5 in Telekom

At MediaMarkt you can get the PlayStation 5 just cheap to the mobile phone tariff in the telecom network. In addition to telephone, SMS and hotspot flatrate, the tariff usually contains 26 GB LTE. Media market places 4 GB in the current offer in addition. There are also a second controller in Midnight Black for PS5 in the Disc version. The device price is only one euro, the monthly basic price is permanently at 39.99 euros. You find the deal here if you scroll a bit down:

Media market: Bring PS5 to the mobile phone tariff with 30 GB LTE in the Telekom network

How cheap is the tariff?

Total cost of the tariff: For a monthly basis price of 39.99 euros, you pay 959.76 euros in the 24 months of the minimum contract period. There are also the one-time device price of one euro as well as shipping costs of 3.95 euros. The total cost of the tariff is thus at 964.71 euros.

Cost of single purchase: According to comparison platforms, the cheapest offer for a comparable telecom tariff is currently 26.99 euros a month (the price increases from the 25, month to 34.99 euros). In the two years of the minimum contract period, the 647.76 euros. The PlayStation 5 in the disc version costs individually regular 500 euros, if you even luck to get one. The price of the Sony DualSense Controller is currently 66.99 euros at MediaMarkt. Overall, this is 1,214.75 euros in the single purchase.

Hearthstone used to be a little different..

Conclusion: The current tariff offer at MediaMarkt is not just a simple way to get to a PS5. If you’re around for a new mobile phone tariff anyway, you even save money to the single purchase, namely around 250 euros.

Media market: Bring PS5 to the mobile phone tariff with 30 GB LTE in the Telekom network

Alternative with 18 GB LTE: If you are 30 GB too much, you will find a deal with 18 GB LTE on the same page in the telecom network. Here you pay a monthly 36.99 euros, the unique device price rises to 49.99 euros. However, the total costs are not much lower at 940.71 euros than at the Deal of 30 GB, the savings is significantly lower with around 130 euros. General: The options for tariffs with the PS5 change with MediaMarkt more frequently. Both deals could thus be disappeared or changed again soon.

PS5 in different Vodafone rates

Instead of accessing Telekom tariff, you can also get the PS5 including second controller with various mobile phone rates in the Vodafone network. At MediaMarkt there are three options ranging from 5 GB LTE to 30 GB. The lower the data volume fails, the smaller the monthly basic price. However, at the same time the unique device price increases. Here is the overview:

  • PS5 + 2. Controller with 30 GB LTE for 1 € device price and 39.99 € monthly basic price
  • PS5 + 2. Controller with 10 GB LTE for 219 € device price and 26.99 € monthly basic price
  • PS5 + 2. Controller with 5 GB LTE for 349 € device price and 19.99 € monthly basic price

Please note that at the options of 5 GB and 30 GB, the monthly basic price after the first two years increases by two euros. Also with these tariffs also applies: The available tariff options can change at any time. The overview of the current Mediamarkt tariff offers with the PS5 can be found here:

Media market: To the tariff offers with PS5

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