PS5 Sony s first price reduction does not mean that it will be cheaper for you

For about nine months, the PS5 is on the market. Now Sony has announced a first price reduction for the console and accessories. But do not be pleased too soon: this affects only the Brazilian market. Why is that the case and it is unlikely that we will soon be a discount soon, you will learn here.

Price reduction at PS5 in Brazil

It’s about it: Sony has announced the world’s first price reduction for PS5 consoles and accessories – but only in a very specific country, namely Brazil. Of course, the fact that the government has initiated tax cuts for industrial products, which the video game industry is causing the video game industry. This advantage gives Sony to Brazilian customers.

The PlayStation 5 is still more expensive in Brazil than in this country: This will be clear if you look at the new console prices – after reducing. There is a list in the Brazilian Playstation Blog. The Digital Edition is given around 612 euros with approximately 612 euros – and only in the best case. At the disc edition it would be converted in the best case 690 euros. The price reduction also affects the PS4 and controllers.

In Brazil, it is common for high prices for consoles to be called, which is mainly due to high import taxes.

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No indication for price reduction with us

The very specific reason for the price reduction and the other starting position in Brazil mean: Unfortunately, this first benefit is not an indication that we can soon expect nationwide price reductions.

When we can buy the PlayStation 5 in Germany cheaper, is currently hard to say. The market situation does not suggest that a quick price is to be expected. For example, the cost of production and logistics and the high demand play a role.

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