FC Barcelona succeeds thanks to deepay work victory against Getafe

Even before kick-off, Barcelona had given a positive message at Barcelona: Marc-André Ter Stegen was ready for the first time since his knee surgery in mid-May. Therefore, the German international promptly prompted into the starting elf. In addition to Emerson Royal (StartTelfdebüt), Lenglet, Araujo and Sergi Roberto, he was one of five new compared to 1: 1 in Bilbao.

Sergi Roberto meets after two minutes

A change was already paid shortly after kick-off: After only two minutes, Sergi Roberto – who started for the persistent Pedri – started freely and pushed a loose to complete a beautiful combination. Barcelona turned a lot right, Getafe did not come into its own. 80 percent ball possession languages ​​for the Bluegrana.

But ball-offs in their own ranks are not all, which also had to hear the hosts painful: the former Barça Players Sandro and Alena were allowed to play a double pass in the center undisturbed and finally completed the former in the penalty area. Ter Stegen made as well as the central defense Lenglet and Araujo (Garcia lacked red-locked, piqué due to a calf blessor) no too good figure – and it was 1: 1 (19th).

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also the third shot sits on the gate

From this point on, a static encounter developed, fouls piled themselves and offensive actions remained. After just half an hour, the third shot led to the goal but actually to the third goal: Depay had too much space left in the penalty area, Iglesias Old looked and castle Cool (30th). The 2: 1 was the first hit of the Dutch in Camp Nou. Until the pause, the game then remained crushed, only ter webs made for a small shock moment when he first had an Arambari shot latched forward and then hit by ENES ünal on his face (41.). But it continued for the former Gladbacher.

It continued in passage two with the statistical events. Above all, Barcelona did not show any considerable football at the beginning and was lucky that Tier was awarded against Panco (51.) and in the following Minutes Mitrovic (52.) and Alena (55th). Getafe made the game in the episode – the households barely came to the train.

Up to the end, little changed at the events. Getafe behaved aggressively what Barcelona’s attack game prevented. The Catalans had no good conclusion in half two except for an artistic attempt of DEPAY (85th, over it) – but also Getafe did not create more than half-chances, it remained at tight 2: 1 for Barça, which is thus both games in the camp Could win Nou. The guests lose their third game at the start of the season.

After the fible break for Barcelona on September 14 (21 pm, live! Bei German international) at the start of the Champions League the home game against FC Bayern. Getafe welcomes in the league on 12 September (18.30 clock) Elche.