Gamescom Xbox Stream Tonight Microsoft dampens expectations

This week, GamesCom is organized, which was planned as a digital show due to the current conditions. That means you can look at some streams, including the showcase of Microsoft today.

The show of the Redmonder is started at 7 pm of our time. Afterwards you will be entertained for about 90 minutes. The Xbox Showcase can be viewed from the mentioned time in the following stream:

Microsoft damps expectations

However, you should not have too high expectations. Because according to Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg, there is no new revelations or larger surprises during the show.

Greenberg in the wording : The stream takes about 90 minutes and focuses on the game updates that come this year. To narrow the expectations: there are no new revelations or great surprises, but a fun stream with our great hosts.

Microsoft will therefore speak about already announced games and presumably present plenty of gameplay scenes. In the case of the redmond, it would also be no surprise when the show is filled with a certain part of a series of trailers.

Highly in the course information about Halo Infinite are likely. The publication date is, for example. Also, Microsoft has recently announced that the shooter will give up some important features despite the recent shift to the launch. The campaign coal is missing. And even on Forge, players must first do without. These features should be submitted.

Other messages around Microsoft:

  • Microsoft’s exclusive games should not copy the competition
  • Hermen Hulst stresses, there is no wet race against Microsoft

Several projects of the other Microsoft studios are also the focus. Also, Senua’s saga: lightblade 2, Perfect Dark and Forza Horizon 5 will also appear. If you count to the owners of an Xbox One or Xbox Series X / S, the stream could therefore provide some nice insights into the projects of redmonders. Sony, on the other hand, the Gamescom 2021 remains once more away.

Other messages on Gamescom 2021.

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