Last chance Telekom AllNet Flat LTE of 18 GB at the best price for only 13 99

Get the rate cracker with a huge volume of 18 GB data, flat rates for the entire network, SMS and Roaming of the EU at the best price until August 31.

You only have two days to benefit from this incredible offer: Mobilcom-Debitel offers you a mobile phone rate with 18 GB data volume, SMS, phone and flat roaming rates at the EU at the best price of 13.99 euros month in. Get this rate and save 62 percent before action at August 31 at 6:00 p.m. Ends.

Do you already with the package of rates at the best price for 13.99 euros per month

Best price and no connection rates

The connection rates are a hidden cost trap with supposedly low rates. This does not apply to MobilCom-Debitel: although initially a fee of 39.99 euros must be paid, you can get this refund. Whenever you do it within six weeks after the start of the contract an SMS with AG Online If you send it to 22240, the total of 39.99 will be reimbursed. Therefore, the connection fee amounts to cash 0 euros .

Maximum saving : The cheap monthly rate of 13.99 euros is only valid during the first 24 months, then pay 29.99 euros per month. Therefore, it must be ensured to rescind the contract within the preavish period of three months before the contract expires. If it does not, it will be automatically extended for another 12 months.

That’s why you should attack now, before it’s too late!

Best price, it does not get cheaper : Not only according to the supplier itself, but also according to the different comparison portals, you can get one here Rate at the best price . This combination of EU SMS, telephone and roaming fees, as well as the data volume of 18 GB with up to 21 Mbit / s, is not available anywhere else for this price. The corresponding rates are more expensive or have a less extensive package.

A rare offer : Too often you can not count on such a reduced rate. With most of the offers, the savings are less or the package is less attractive. This offer was made about two weeks ago; It will take some time until it is available for the third time.

If you want to navigate relaxed and (almost) without limits on the fly, you are not satisfied with your provider or simply want to pay less, this is the right rate for you. You still have up to Tuesday 6 p.m. It’s time to benefit from this top offer, then you should be satisfied with worse / more expensive rates

Do you already with the package of rates at the best price for 13.99 euros per month

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