PS5 Revision CFI 1102A

Sony has launched a new and easier model of PS5 in some regions. Optically, the revised hardware does not distinguish from the consoles published in November 2020. However, there were some changes inside. The Youtuber Austin Evans was able to bring a copy of the new PS5 to his own ownership and compared it to the launch model.

The big question was: How did it come to the weight savings of at least 300 grams? After the console was disassembled, it became clear that the heat sink of the revised PS5 is smaller than the original model. The weight of the internal board of the new revision with a modified heat sink is 1368 grams, while the original brings 1639 grams to the scales.

At the same time, it showed that the delta fan has a different design. Instead of 23 wings are now 17 wings installed, which are a bit longer. It is believed that high-frequency sounds are reduced. And it’s not the first change: Since the launch of the PS5, the production has been used in the production of different fans of the companies Delta, NiDEC and NMB.

Will the console be hotter?

A smaller heat sink has thermal effects. And it is likely that the new design of the fan can not compensate completely. In fact, Evans came to the conclusion that the new, lighter model in the field of heat export is about 3 to 5 degrees hotter than the heavier, original model. However, the latter ran the rather rudimentary test quieter.

It remains to be seen knowing how the changes will affect the new PS5 models in the long term, especially since low-effective tests must first confirm and inform the mentioned temperature increase. However, above all, the combination with the additional NVME SSDs that are supported with a new firmware update and also represent a heat source, could keep one or the other interested part.

Another change in the lighter model seems to be a new Wi-Fi recipient component that has not yet been examined or tested.

Further messages to the new PS5:

  • New digital model weighs 300 grams less
  • New model discovered in trade

A new screw

The conspicuous innovation for the end customer is the screw used to secure the stand when the console is vertically aligned. The new screw has a thicker, corrugated head, so you can be attached by hand. A screwdriver is no longer necessary.

The full video of Austin Evans’s Teardown comparison can you look at the following:

Further messages to PS5.

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