PS5 New model is the launch

A new model of the PS5 console will soon be on the way to trade and thus in the living room of the players. A current video reveals weaknesses of the new version that did not have the Launch model of the PlayStation 5. Whether this could become a problem, let’s take a closer look at us.

The new digital PS5 becomes hotter

In a current video, the Tech-Youtuber Austin Evans looks closer to the inside of the new PS5 model and comes to interesting conclusions , which is concerned with the values ​​of the console.

Apparently, Sony has made significant changes to the built-in cooler . This is significantly smaller than the Launch console and brings the weight of the digital PS5 from before 1,639 grams to now only 1,368 grams.

A lighter console sounds great, but the newly built cooling unit should also cool. Evans has measured: Under full load, the new model will be whole 3 to 5 degrees hotter than the previous version .

What’s new and what do the changes for PS5 buyers mean?

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In addition to the smaller cooling unit, the new variant comes with a slightly modified fan design , which instead of 23 fan leaves now 17 has 17. The base has also obtained an update, the screw for mounting is now also screwed without a tool.

Also on the installed WLAN adapter was screwed around to improve this. But after extensive investigation Evans comes to a disappointing verdict: The new PS5 model is after a current stand worse than the launch version of the console .

Sony can produce the new variant significantly cheaper , but the buyers are supplied with a model that at least in terms of cooling will have to look. What the temperature differences mean in the long term in practice will have to show the future. Especially when players should install even more SSDs, the interior of the console could heat up even more.

Whether the cheaper cooler will result in a long term in a lower purchase price for the players , remains to be seen.

The new model is already expelled in Japan and Australia. When buying a PS5 you recognize the new model at the number CFI-11xx . The older model carries the marking CFI-1xxx.

_Sony screws on the PS5 and brings a new model. But even with accessories you can spice up your console: _

In the future, players will only come to PS5 consoles, which include a smaller cooling unit. Sony can produce the digital PlayStation 5 significantly cheaper, but the console will be a bit hotter in the future.