GK Guide The Best Racing Flyers September 2021

Compatible with the old as with the current generation of consoles, and of course the PC, the flywheels of this guide have all been tested by us, and privileges the triple crankset and the comfort of play on the exit date. Little change for the moment for this selection made in gk that we invite you to read or re-read this Saturday.

To escape everyday life, nothing like taking the orders of a vehicle, whether road, sea or aerial, and that you carry a Helmet VR or not, will support you the purists of all kinds.

Running flying side, selection made notes, over time and bargains, the regular supregie of G29 of Logitech for PlayStation consoles, and its Xbox, G920 . Obviously, we have added a slightly more expensive option, and another one that will suit the smaller budgets.

Without falling into out-price competition models, nor rushing on certified next-gen models as the G923 , which does not bring much depending on the digital test, writing good deals From GK, granny in mind, confirms that the ruffles passed between our hands will take you as far as you want, and for some time.

The best flywheels for racing games: our shopping guide

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