France Ex national player Jean

Jean Pierre Adams Former France international dies after 39 years in coma
The French ex-national player Jean-Pierre Adams died at the age of 73 years. After a doctor’s error in a routine operation, Adams was in coma for 39 years. At last his wife had hoped for Bernadette to wake up.

In his career, the defender born in Dakar had played among others for Nimes (1970-73) and PSG (1977-79). Both clubs gave the death of Adams’ on Monday. PSG has lost a big former player. Our compassion is considered his family and his loved ones, explained the capital city club.

In Nimes and the Equipe Tricolore, Adams had formed the Black Guard on the side of Marius Tresor in the domestic defense, he completed a total of 22 missions for the national team. With Nimes he became a sensational vice-master in 1972, a year later, the team reached the cup finals.

In March 1982 – the 34-year-old had been slow to ending his career – Adams in a hospital in Lyon undergo routine engagement at the knee. However, because the treating anesthesiologist misused the anesthesia, Adams suffered a bronchospasm, which prevented cramping muscles prevented the oxygen supply into the brain. He fell into the watchkoma. The anesthesiologist was sentenced to a fine and a month’s imprisonment years later.

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A total of 39 years, Adams was maintained by his wife Bernadette: he could breathe independently and eat food, but was in a vegetative condition. Sterine, for which, among other things, safeguard, but they rejected them: I just do not have the courage to refuse to eat and water, she explained. Her hopes that Adams would still wake up, did not fulfill themselves.