REACH PC Review reach stars

The Chief Master is no stranger to conflict and struggle. The Master Chief Collection was in a difficult situation at its launch, but thanks in part to the perseverance of the teams who worked there and a little patience of impatient fans, the games are much better. Fans have become even more excited once the word has come as our medium coverobe shooting machine, green, made its way to the PC. Although we have only Halo: Reach for now, it’s always worth checked. You can find out why in our video review below.

The launch of Halo: REACH on PC has been strong enough, thanks to the lessons learned by 343 since the gassiness during its first exit. With both a complete campaign with a strong history and an incredibly robust multiplayer, the title alone leaves you almost the choice, although it is part of a much bigger package. Although the other components did not quite fall, Halo: REACH is worth it in itself, thanks to the perfection of a product in its own right. The multiplayer of Halo is certainly one of its strengths, and Halo: Reach presents an excellent offer thanks to a high concentration on support for the community community. 343 took notes on what they did good and bad, and so far, Halo: Reach, it’s a lot of things that are well done.

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Halo: Reach is the only title to have been part of the Master Chief Collection so far, but rest assured, it will only expand and improve with the other titles that will follow soon. If, for any reason, you want to get Halo: Reach alone, you can do it via Xbox Game Pass or via Steam for the interesting price of $ 10.99 CAD. You can also go to the official website for more details here.