The new Pok mon Go Pok mon does not evolve in certain phones

POKEMON GO The new Psychic Spectacular event provides players the opportunity to catch Inkay for the first time in the game, as well as its evolution, Malamar. Both Pokémon debuted in pokemon X and Y in Nintendo 3DS, who forced the players to turn around the video game system to trigger evolution. POKEMON GO has replicated this evolutionary method, but it seems that not all phones are able to make it work. Silph Road subreddit players have been sharing their difficulties in getting Inkay to evolve in the game, despite having enough candies to do so. The original publication can be found right here.

At this time, it is not clear what is causing the problem. The original poster phone is a Samsung Galaxy A10E. Some users found similar problems, which were annulled when turning off automatic telephone rotation, but the original poster was not so lucky. Inkay is the first Pokémon in pokemon go evolve using this method, and it is actually a bit surprising that Niantic has chosen to include the option. The developer has made some changes in the Pokémon evolutions of the games, sometimes simplifying them to work better in the mobile game. For example, many of the Pokémon who originated in Diamante and perla evolve using a Sinnoh stone, which is an element that did not exist in the original DS games.

Since Inkay and Malama have just debuted today in pokemon go, it is impossible to say how common this problem could be. However, given the popularity of the game, it is logical to think that we will listen to much more of the players who fight with this, if it is something common. If that is the case, Niantic could be forced to make some changes to allow all players the opportunity to evolve the dark and psychic type. The evolutionary method is very fun and distinguishes Inkay from other creatures of the game, but it is not worth it if it does not work! You can find more information on how to evolve inkay to Malamar here.

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