Coin Master Free Spins free attempts and coins coins

Coin master is a free, single-player, laid-back mobile video game developed by Israeli workshop Moon Active. It has had over 100 million downloads (as of February 2021). Coin Master is the top-grossing mobile game in the UK (since February 2019) and Germany (because June 2019).

If you have played Coin Master, you may be able to see how to get free and fastest turning free trials (free spins) and coins (coins) in Coin Master. Spins (turning) are finally the most important part of Coin Master. They are the way they move in the game and they are one of the most important basic mechanics. The short answer is that you just have to play the game to get spins and daily (Daily) bonuses from the Coin Master Free Spins link, which we share in this article. Here is our guide, as you receive free spins and coins every day, so you can get turns in Coin Master.

Coin Master Free Spins (free attempts) and coins (coins) List Left Daily (Daily) Updates

How can I get more spins (turn attempts)?

Get Free Spins by inviting friends:

This method is one of the most popular methods not just for this game, but also for other games. With the Coin Master game you can send the recommendation link to other people that are not members of this game. You can send an unlimited number of invitations at any time. If one of your friends accepts the invitation and starts playing, you will receive an additional 40 attempts to accept a single invitation. As I already said to you, you can send an unlimited number of invitations so you can easily achieve maximum turns with these methods. If your only 5 friends play this game about this invitation, then you will have 200 additional turns and 5 only a few, each people has hundreds of friends, this is one of the easiest ways that you can shoot as a reward.

Get Free Spins by creating multiple Facebook accounts:

Everyone knows what Facebook is and everyone knows how to use it. This method shows you how to win Facebook Free Spins. You just have to create multiple Facebook accounts, which is not a difficult task. You can achieve about 200 spins by creating 5 Facebook accounts per day. However, this does not mean that you should create many Facebook accounts in this way. They are blocked by the Moonactive team.

Get free spins by watching videos:

With this method you can easily receive free spins (turn attempts). Just look at video displays. Most games use this method to distribute free coins or points by displaying video displays on the users’ screens. You can get more views by performing a simple trick. Just go to your smartphone setting and change your phone date overnight. Then you will receive 4 video displays for the spin and 5 video displays for the coins. After completing this task, you can repeat this method to get more and more attempts and coins.

What is Coin Master?

At first, it seems to be a good start to explain Coin Master. In Coin Master you have to establish yourself as the most powerful coin master that there is. You can choose from a series of clans, including hippies, pirates and Vikings. You have to turn slots to get prey. As soon as you have completed a spin and have your equipment, you can attack your friends (or enemies) and their villages. In this way you can earn even more booty (or plunder), which will increase your coin amount and your championship even further.

TOP 5 Coin Master Tips & Tricks

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1. Play as a guest … first

Once you have started Coin Master, you will be prompted to sign up with your Facebook account. Ignore this option … first. As a host participant, get into the game so you can use all the free slot machine spins and coins you have received from the beginning.

You should have enough coins to build some parts of your village, and have a good number of turns to get even more coins. At some point you will encounter a wall – you will not have slot machine spins anymore and a small amount of coins that can not help you to build your village further. This is the point where you want to be extremely friendly .

2 . then log in with your Facebook-account to achieve real progress!

If you have reached the above proverbial wall, connect the game with your Facebook account. The benefits of this action are too beneficial to ignore. Once you link the game to your Facebook account, you will immediately be rewarded with 50 slots spins and a whole one million coins!

Another benefit of connecting the game with your Facebook account is the opportunity to invite your friends to the game. For every friend who connects Coin Master on her name, you will receive 40 additional spins for slot machines. You can regularly send and receive spins and coins. To be a generous friend, is a long way.

3 . Here you will find everything you need to know about the slot machines

The slot machine will be your best friend. You get five free spins per hour. If you have all your turns used up, make a full-time break from the game and return the next day to determine that your spins indicator is fully filled. The viewing of video displays also brings you additional rotations (just click on the symbol for the energy capsule at the bottom right of the slot machine to activate a video display).

Depending on which match with three symbols you get, you will either be rewarded with gifts or jump directly into a gameplay action. If you bring together three hammers, you can attack the village of a random player. If you put together three shields, you will get your own – a sign at hand protects your village against robbers and vice versa. While she still lose coins during a robbery, the amount will not be as high as soon as you have an active sign at hand.

If you receive three robber pig faces, you can attack the current coin master. When you run this action, you usually get the largest amount of coins. If you bring together three energy capsules, you will receive additional turns. If you bring together three of the two coin symbols, you get … Well, more coins! Oh and do not worry if you do not get matches during a turn – you will still be rewarded with some coins.

4 . Cards and pets offer all additional benefits they need

Once you have reached the village level three, you can finally purchase cards. Cards can be lifted from three different types of chests – wood, golden and magical. Cards can also be obtained by participating in one of the active gogue events. Chests usually come to their possessions for free when they perform raids and complete village setups.

The card trading is also worthwhile, as he helps them to acquire even more rare cards and fill in whole card collections. If you fill in these card collections, you will get more goodies! The less often the card collection is, the better the rewards. Just click on the following link to see one of the more active coin master trading groups on Facebook.

If you reach the level 4 of your village, the option to use pets will be permanently unlocked. You can use these pets in different ways: With Foxy you can dig up an additional space during a robbery, Tiger increases the number of coins you acquire during a robbery, and Rhino offers your village an extra protective layer. Fox is unlocked in Village Level 4, Tiger is unlocked as soon as you have completed the card collection Beasts , and Rhino is unlocked after completing the card collection Creatures . Make sure you feed your pets regularly and upgrade. Keep them awake and increase your size!

5 . Play every day Coin Master if you are really looking for a great success!

If you really want to succeed, it is the right way to play Coin Master daily. If you sign up every day, you can earn a total of 50 spins. Make sure you come back every day and definitely greeted by your Facebook friends with additional turns and coins. They should also make a daily habit of playing the Viking Slots machines and complete regular / bonus missions. And of course you should use the daily bonus wheel turns and your incredible rewards.