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Oberliga Rhineland-Palatinate / Saar South

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Spectacular went to the home game of Primus Hertha Wiesbach against Tus Mechtersheim – at least in the final phase. In the last eight minutes, three goals fell. The TuS in the 83rd playing minute after the 2-1 leadership hit by Biedermann on the winning road, MPassi, equalized directly in return via Schlenzer into the long corner back to 2: 2. And now the leaders wanted more – and was rewarded in a game for a total manageable level for his militant use: In the detention time, Staroscik showed himself after a long ball of an enforcement-strong and placed flat to the rejuvenated 3: 2 victory hit. The fifth threesome in the sixth game for the euphorized Hertha!

It took to the detention time until the Hertha (yellow) decided against Mechtersheim for himself. Imago Images / Jan Hebner

This keeps the spreadsheet – even if the pursuers fully score. For example, the FV Dudenhofen also succeeded in the FSV Jägersburg a last minute victory in the nighttime time – and despite around 40 minutes below. The FVD could have been satisfied with a point, but then Simon Bundenthal, who killed to 2: 1 success. The enthusiasm of the guests knew no limits more, but is currently there as sharpest Wiesbach pursuers with 15 numbers from six games. Later, later than 90 plus 1, the TSG Pfeddersheim made a 1-0 success on the Square of the FV Diefflen: Here, the last seconds of the five-minute injection time ran as it gave penalty of the FV-Keeper Teixeira penalty for the TSG . Red for Teixeira was the episode, Amos turned safely right down against field players Poss.

Emotionally less demanding was for the viewers of the current table-four, the Wormatia from Worms, which deserved with 2: 0 against the FV Eppelborn. This result was already in a one-sided lot for break on the scoreboard; After restarted, the favorite switched into the administrative mode, even the guests did not make great institutions to change something at the result.

Tim Schwartz with a draw to the debut

With a draw in the second table half, the duel ended between Arminia Ludwigshafen and SV Röchling Völklingen. The Arminia was most recently in Corona forced break – and now met an opponent where a coach change had undertaken during the week: Justin Erhardt was replaced by the previous U-19 coach Tim Schwartz. And that Schwartz set straight to the debut to the only 17-year-old Gehring in the gate, also with worlds was another A-teenager in the starting eleven. The 2: 2, which at the end was on the display panel, was under the dash of a just result. The guests from Völklingen missed in their point of view of 2: 1 from their point of view to the lid. So the homely came after a corner but still for compensation. A well-suited debut for the new coach, he stopped at least the downward trend after three defeats.

In the only Sunday game, the FC Speyer won at the Reserve of the SV Elversberg: the guests had to take again despite 3: 0 guidance at the end again, the SVE came to 2: 3 ran. Speyer stands like Elversberg with six meters from five games.