5 Cheap Free Fire Characters with Active Capabilities

Characters are free fire unique capabilities that make them a valuable object. Overall, more than 40 characters are available after the recent addition of Dmitri and the Thiva, and the player can get them through the in-game store.

The capabilities of the characters are divided into two types, active and inactive. Active capabilities are needed to manually activate and they have enough effect on the battlefield.

Note: The following list is fully based on the author’s opinion.

List of top 5 best cheap free fire characters with active capabilities

5) Steffee

Qualification: painted refuge

Price: 499 diamonds

Steff has a unique active ability to be known as Pented Refugee . At the maximum level of Character, the user will be able to make graffiti which will reduce 25% and bullet damage to 5% for 10 seconds.

When Steffi, it takes 45 seconds in the ability to cool down.

4) A124

Qualification: Adventures of the fight

Price: 499 diamonds

A124 comes at number four in this list, and the thrill of the battle is a solid capacity. Once it becomes active, 60 EP will turn into HP in four seconds. It is 10 seconds before using it again.

Health restoration can prove to be important, and can add A124 to A124 with characters like Miguel to increase user performance.

3) Heel

Qualification: Extreme encounter

Price: 499 diamonds

Zyan is an excellent option for those who prefer to play aggressively. Extreme encounter offers players 80 HP (per second 8 HP decay) for 10 seconds. Increase of 100% increase in damage against glu walls and shields also applies.

Coldout time at this active ability is 100 seconds.

2) Skylar

Qualification: Replication Rhythm

Price: 499 diamonds

When the rinse rhythm is used, it furthers a sound wave which damages five glue walls in the scope of 100 meters. After being activated, there is a 40-second cooldown period in the skill.

In addition, the results of each glue wall deployed by players will start from nine points.

1) Vukongo

Qualification: Camouflage

Price: 499 diamonds

Vukong gets the top spot in this list and is the best choice for any person who wants to buy Character with active ability. It allows users to change in bushes for 15 seconds but it is important to take care that when they kill a opponent, the conversion stops.

There is also a 200-second Coldway in place, however, it is reset when receiving a kill.

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Disclaimer: The capabilities above are at the maximum level of each character.

Edited by Siddhartha Satish

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