PS5 The new model is better than accepted

After Sony recently launched a new version of the PlayStation 5 on the market, there were concerns about heat development in the console. However, new findings confirm that you do not have to worry – on the contrary!

New PS5 model much cooler than the starter model

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If you take the new PS5 exactly below the magnifying glass, you will not drop many changes to the starter model at first glance. Only a strong change in the design of cooling really stands out in the eye and that is not as bad as previously thought.

New data from Igor’s Lab and Hardware Busters prove that the new PS5 model actually holds the internal components cooler than the starter model; Up to 14 ° C to be accurate. So only because the heat sink in the new PS5 is much smaller than in the starter model, it does not mean that the console is hotter or even inferior – a good news you should not have a Next gene console yet.

In a video shows you hardware busters again the differences:

It is to be expected that the Sony engineers further refine the system and make progress that may occur sometime in the PS5 Pro . A fan even wants to know when it appears.

(Sources: Igor’s Lab, Hardware Busters)

Trotz Backward compatibility do not run all games on the PS5:

Original fee of 30 August 2021:

PS5: New model gives cause for concern

Although the improvements that many fans probably hoped have failed, Sony has recently published a new version of the PS5 . A video that is currently viral throws questions. Does the company remedy the console?

Austin Evans has released a video on YouTube, in which he checks the revised PS5 on heart and kidneys and compares them with the older version. Here are only minimal differences , among other things, that the most recent version is around 300 grams easier. But why is that? To find out, both consoles were taken apart.

In addition to small differences like cables and different chips, one thing really stands out. Strong Changes to cooling could severely affect the function of the console in the long run .

How hot will the new console model become?

Evans has measured at the older version 52 ° Celsius and during the revised version 55 ° Celsius during operation. That’s not a massive increase, but enough to worry. Especially because the difference could have a negative effect on the performance of the console. The new design of the PS5 seems to be less efficient when it comes to deriving the heat of the CPU.

According to Evans, the primary changes to the new PS5 are cost reduction measures that are used cheaper and fewer materials , which could perceive buyers.

The Gamescom 2021 had some surprises. Here some examples:

What do you say about the differences? Reason enough to buy the older model or would you also rude to the new version? Visit us on Facebook and write us your opinion in the comments.