Small price reduction of switch in Europe

A few weeks before the release of the OLED model The switch, the basic model is slightly lowered in the price.

Nintendo has reduced the basic model of the switch in Europe in the price. Since today, the console has to be under 300 euros and that is remarkable. Because before the price has hardly changed since the release in March 2017. He almost always lay between 320 and 330 euros. It was not shaken because of the progressive life cycle, but in the course of the OLED model appearing soon, Nintendo has informed the trading partners and even reduces the price in their own online shop to just under 300 euros, which corresponds to a saving of about ten percent. In the course of today’s Monday almost all major retail chains have followed.

The OLED variant, whether in white or black,, however, beats with about 360 euros to beech and will be launched on 8 October. We were able to try the device already in advance and had a lot of fun with the new screen. In addition, the table mode of the console is much better available thanks to the new stand. You can read our complete impressions here.

Excluded from this price reduction is the switch Lite. However, the non-TV-capable console is already available for under 200 euros in the trade.