Blizzard not only strokes sexism but also sexuality from Wow

I had not expected that soon a column wants to write to the sexism allegations at Blizzard and the born adjustments to WOW. This has not only with the sometimes difficult and non-comprehensible reactions to the last column – to read: this is the purge \ – to do, but also with my hope that the excitement is now set up. With my hope that the responsible persons of WoW, Overwatch and Co. are now taking a little time back to a step, and work in real changes in their company in the appropriate and effective setting.

But I have recovered again in the past time and again that the headquarters at Blizzard raves a pile of wild, headless chickens, who now wants to leave everything away, which does not appear as compliant.

Purge my name

I think it is comprehensible that all connections to accused ex-blizzardians are thrown out of the games; Especially prominent have been the allusions to Alex Afrasiabi and Jesse McCree in recent weeks. Finally, severe sexism allegations have been raised and the initial reaction from horror (and maybe a bit of panic) will probably always be the bad radical and as soon as possible. This has already been shown to World of Warcraft (now € 14.99) already shown before the disclosure of the Sexic action of the DFEH, for example in the case of Swifty or in the case of Quinton Flynn.

However, I see this radical reaction ambiguous. For I hold some um-model of NPCs, items and successes for a little thoughtful heap action that degrades the performance provided in the past now deleted developers. In the end, however, it is the good right of Blizzard s leaders to proceed with their intellectual property as they desire and keep right.

Purge my sack

If we are already with delicate topics … Why not throw walsh slaughter from the game? Source: external You can now argue with me whether it was necessary to call a WOW success in the original Bros. Before Ho Ho Hos from the beginning. That this name suggests women against devaluation is probably clear. This name is not necessary. It is also no pun, which brings me to laugh immediately for the next five minutes. But smin coloring will have been elicited one or the other or one or the other possibly. Well, we are here in Germany and get from the change in Holiday Bromance probably not much before.

Much less complicated, I consider the name of the success My Sack Is Gigantique . Sure, is ambiguous. But in the end, it s about a bag and not male testicles. The success of Haris Pilton commissioned bags, which in the other case is an allusion to expensive bags of Dolce and Gabbana, was now renamed My Storage Is Gigantique . If one had not had to do to my opinion.

Purge my penis

The Blizzard excipient to correct offensive content, however, has achieved a new level for me, now because it is about adapting the icon of the big love rocket . Good, the graphic resembles more the Ingame Model of the Rare Holiday Mounts. Comprehensible. But with all the sexism allegations, I do not believe that it is primarily only in adapting. But about that the icon looks phally.

I can only speak for myself, but I did not intend to a penis at the old icon. But to a fireworks rocket. And even if … what is now now on a male sexual part called big love rocket bad? Or otherwise: What was not bad in the past twelve years? That s why it s already in Wow. And what about the firework tooltips in WoW? Is the icon of the inexhaustible purple fireworks adapted now? Or the fireworks bundle?

Sexuality and eroticism are not sexism

I think it s right to fight for sexism, especially in the ranks of the current company. I do not think it s right to delete sexuality and eroticism from a virtual world. There are serious differences between sexism and sexuality. Sexism means in the traditional sense a discrimination-related discrimination, and exists in the (admittedly) absurd forms. Sexuality in the broader sense (in addition to biological and socio-like behavioral biological definition) is the totality of life outlets, behaviors, sensations and interactions of living beings in relation to their gender. Eroticism is part of human basic needs for sexuality and partnership.
Of the fans lovingly called Azerothian Gothic is the right picture an allusion to American Gothic of Grant Wood – including in the inn in Brill. Source: external

Purge My Tizian

One or the other Blizzard Responsible maybe that may look forward to that, because I ve never hazarded that the WOW forest is moved with the WOW forest to banish everything only raptures. Another example of the erotic deescalation of the developers are breeding murals that have been in the game since Vanilla Wow and whose motifs are now covered or equally exchanged. Many of them reference genuine art art, such as the naked lady hanging in Rabenholdt on the wall (and is naked naked). This is apparently an allusion to the Venus of Orbino of the Italian Renaissance painter Titian, which in turn was referenced by many artists. Another example of art in Azeroth would be the WOW reference to American Gothic by Grant Wood.

Lady in the robe

Before Patch 9.1.5Bruptcy-Sliderach Patch 9.1.5

Venus of Azeroth

Before Patch 9.1.5Bruptcy-Sliderach Patch 9.1.5

Only the Venus copy seems to be naked. And was replaced on the PTR to 9.1.5 ever prophylactically through a fruit shell. The WOW version of American Gothic, of course, may stay. How long now, do I ask you, it will take to make all our heroes only in potato bag by WOW?

Yes, that s naturally phased and will probably not happen (I hope at least). But more and more is changed at the game, a creeping process, logical. How do this absorb the returnee if half of the icons appear completely alien in your inventory? And what gets out of the haunted slippery romantic skills?

And on Sexy Fruits …

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