Dofus temporis 6 price of items resale to NPCs

With the servers TEMPORIS 6 , you will be able to drop all the equipment and items of dofus on the monsters. However, this supergeneration is very difficult to flow in HDV. Do not worry, take your best tavernier and sell it all price honest !

DOFUS – price of items, resale to NPCs on temporis 6

What happens when everyone can drop items at rates ranging from 0.5% to 7%? The prices fall! However, as for temporis IV, there is a technique for anyway recovering kamas . This is simply buyers NPCs.

These can be taverniers for example. The goal is that a sales interface as in merchant mode, opens. By clicking on your objects, you can then sell them for a default price. They are pretty weak , but with everything you have, it represents a good little gain! Do not hesitate to browse hotels in search of items sold in 1 Kama to multiply their value.

This table is dynamic. You can search for your item to resell via the Search field. Note that all spell are selected for 1 or 0 Kama, and are not very profitable accordingly!

Icon | Name | Price
— | — | —
Icon | Name | Price

Obtaining temporis items

If you are there for useful drop, you will be able to find our article dedicated to obtaining equipment for TEMPORIS VI . From the basic ring to the adornment of the vulture, they are all there!

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