PS5 Is the new console model worse or is it a bull We solve all doubts

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Certains had been generated Expectations of the new PS5 CFI-1100 model. It must be said that since the publication of the video of Austin Evans in which it states that this model was worse than the previous one, the doubts persist about its validity. So it’s time to go into detail and check this, not without first remembering that these recess of the consoles are usual since time immemorial .

And the reports are quite varied. The YouTube Digital Foundry channel, specialist in the analysis of technologies and gaming equipment, had the opportunity to test that machine. At first glance, the CFI-1100 model does not show no remarkable difference with the original CFI-1000, which was the launch version. Therefore, the two models have the same performance.

This new PS5 has received some modifications on its particular cooling system, generating fears of overheating, while reports already indicated that the launch console tended to warm up. You do not have to panic, however, since the temperatures of the CFI-1100 fluctuate , become colder in some cases and hotter in others.

Another change: your weight. In fact, The new model is approximately 300 g lighter than the previous one and maintains the same dimensions. A relief that is not Baladi when you see the beast that is ps5 in size. The support has also been submitted to a review that allows it to be easier to place.

For buyers to be calm, nothing that does not seem to radically change the use of the machine. If you are lucky enough to have it in your hands next days or weeks or even months, you do not have to worry about the model at all, since you can execute the games just as well with the first version of the machine.

For the most patients, it remains to be seen whether or not rumors will be confirmed around the production of a PS5 Pro, and above all what the modifications made to this version 2.0 will be. For others, the happy owners of the Sony console know that PS5 has just received its largest software update to date, expanding the internal storage of the console.

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