PSN SALE New offer of the week in the PlayStation Store that s the games

Sony expands the current PSN SALE for the offer of the week. Also over the coming days, the publisher thus moves a PS4 game especially in the limelight. On bargain hunters, the Legendary Edition of Overwatch is waiting this time. The multiplayer hit is currently available at the SALE for 14.99 euros – a discount of 75 percent compared to the standard price in the PlayStation Store. The Legendary Edition contains Overwatch as the main game as well as five legendary Heroenskins, epic Heroeskins and Origin Heroes Skins.

Who does not own the multiplayer hit by Blizzard, will receive an attractive possibility with the current deal of the week. In the price comparison, the top deals for the disc version currently start at just under 30 euros. So you do not want to put the physical box in the cupboard, you can safely access digital version – and saves even a few talers to the retail version. That the purchase is worthwhile, you read in our big test to Overwatch.

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With Overwatch awaits you a completely thoughtful team shooter who is easy to learn, but hard to master. Through the many playable classes results in great dynamics in the fighting. There are also a very good balancing and a considerable long-term motivation. Who looking for another game bargain, throws a look into the current PSN Sale, who started yesterday. Here members of PS Plus benefit especially: subscribers receive partly clear discounts.

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