Valheim Thor is the ultimate garbage chucker and destroys useless

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On September 16, 2021 Hearth & Home has been released for Valheim, and with the update, not only adjustments to food and weapons have come to the survival game, but also practical new features. What the fans of Valheim longed for some time, the option was not simply unloaded in the game world, but to actually destroy them. The destroyer is now in the game, and his destruction is very creative solved!

Thor has hungry

If you want to make the destroyer, then you have to get hold of eight pieces of iron, four pieces of copper and a Donnerstein you can buy from Haldor in the Dark Forest for 50 gold coins. Throw the materials into the forge and you can set up the destroyer in your base. Now you have 24 inventory slots that you can fill with your garbage. On E you then pull on the lever – and then you should go to a distance to the destroyer. For shortly thereafter, a flash is beating into the device over the long antenna of the verniture and will be said that Thor grants you a gift.

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If you approach the descal again, then you will find coal lumps – or nothing, because the object was simply destroyed. A crystallist ax is simply pulverized, arrows, however, finds Thor apparently quite fragrant. This has to do with the amount of items in destroyers: all ten objects that will be flashed, there’s a piece of carbon to collect.

Why is Thor so nice?

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Very nice of Thor that he helps you in the destruction of your superfluous items! Because so far you have to unload the somewhere in the game world, if you no longer want them. However, the objects could only be deleted via the developer console if you were the admin of the game world. There was a particularly popular alternative for this reason to throw the garbage into the sea.

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