Sea of Thieves will take us to explore the depths of the sea in its season 4

After a third season demarcated by the premiere of the expansion to Pirate s Life who took the universe of pirates of the Caribbean from Disney to Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčThieves, the Pirates Sandbox of Rare is by expanding again its Contents with their fourth season. It will be next Thursday September 23 that start a new season in which the new siren sanctuaries will be introduced.

There will be six new mermaid sanctuaries marked on the map of Sea Thieves. Siren sanctuaries will take advantage of some of the mechanics that were introduced in the great stories of A Pirate s Life, as the presence of sirens as Enemies, submarine combat and underwater exploration with oxygen sources scattered by the seabed. In the video presented by the fourth season, it is known that will be 6 the new siren sanctuaries that the players will find marked on the map and that they wait for them with mysteries to be solved and new coral treasures for getting.

As part of the season there will also be new cosmetic elements at Free season pass , as well as 6 extra premium rewards for those who decide to buy the additional looting pass. In the same way, new cosmetic objects will reach the pirate emporium.

Remember that Sea Thieves managed to reach his best month after the premiere of A Pirate s Life with a total of 4.8 million active users in June and recently held a special event that presented a crossover with Borderlands.

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