Riot Games Cyberpunk and Witcher Quest Designer reinforces LOL MMO

Riot secured great MMO well-known support currently in development. Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz has been part of the team for the not yet officially announced MMO. In what position exactly he works is still unclear – his previous jobs are likely to give information about it.

Because before changing to Riot, Mateusz was busy with CD project Red, where he first worked as Lead Quest Designer for Witcher 3 and then held the site of the Quest Director at Cybepunk 2077. In a similar function, he should now also work on Riots MMO in the League of Legends Universe.

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About the new MMO project is not much known yet. Responsible, however, is with Greg Street, the WoW player still known as Ghostcrawler, no unknown. He currently builds his team together. It should be clear that the LOL-MMO is beyond the planning phase and now it goes to the handproof development. But that also means that a release is expected at the earliest in a few years. The only Announcement by Riot was the official confirmation that they work on such a MMO in the Lol Universe – however, no reveals were not revealed.

However, the current new recruitment then indicates that it will probably be a classic ThemePark MMO with a fixed quest structure. Of course, it is also possible, although it is unlikely that Mateusz will work in a different function for Riot Games on the new LOL-MMO.

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