Sanctions after Placquet in Lens

Amsterdam Derby (Stadsderby) describes matches played between expert and also amateur football clubs of Amsterdam. Such clubs include AFC, Ajax, Blauw-Wit, DWS, JOS Watergraafsmeer, Swift, De Volewijckers, VVA and also Zeeburgia. An Amsterdam Derby can be an individual suit or an ongoing rivalry between clubs, gamers as well as followers.
A Stadsderby can involve any of the fifty-eight registered football clubs of Amsterdam. However, historically, the most significant are games which were played in between AFC Ajax, AFC DWS, FC Blauw-Wit and also AVV De Volewijckers, the four most effective of Amsterdam s football clubs. Variations have actually occurred, for instance, after Blauw-Wit, DWS, as well as De Volewijckers combined to create FC Amsterdam in 1972 as well as FC Amsterdam dissolved in 1982. For over thirty years (1978-2012), Ajax was the only specialist club in the city. The various other clubs only satisfied at the young people degree. In the 2012– 13 season, Amsterdamsche FC was promoted to the Topklasse

Six days after the placement of his fans in the French football derby against Master Osc Lille, the RC Lens has imposed first sanctions. The penalties range from 9 to 36 months of stadium ban, partly on probation, said the club on Friday. In some cases, criminal charges will follow, if there is a suspicion of violent behavior.

Meanwhile, club information has been identified 17 rioters, more than 100 had left the grandstand in the Stade Bollaert-Delelis and stormed the field. Managing Director Arnaud Pouille also reported numerous pierced seat shells and devastated toilets in the guest sector.

Only after half an hour security forces had the escalated situation on Saturday under control. Lens won the game, which was continued after an interruption under strict security measures, with 1: 0. Six people suffered slightly injuries according to official information.

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