Blizzard Allusions to Jeff Kaplan are removed from Owatch 2

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Overwatch 2 is not even released yet, the developers have to screw around on the cards again. In the course of the recent announcements, in the future, no more allusions to have any developers in the hero shooter, Easter Eggs fled out, which explicitly related to Jeff Kaplan.

In the course of a video, which announces the Bastion-Rework for Overwatch 2, you could see in the background a spot of the new card New York, at which still Jephs Corner Pizza was founded. In the video, on the other hand, it can be seen that there is now only Corner Pizza .

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Papa Jeff Kaplan

It should be noted that Jeff Kaplan does not play a real role in all the allegations against Blizzard. It is not the removal of an allusion due to acute allegation, but probably more effects of the great purge at Blizzard. The green hills of the strangle mildetal and the coffee cup named Jeph are two more allusions to Kaplan, which were in the first idea of ​​the new card in the game. Source: Blizzard So far, the allusions or hawks were spared to the really great personalities at Blizzard, for example chaplain or even Metzen and Morhaime from the cleaning actions – it seems to be a conclusion now. It may be expected that the other allusions to Chaplan are also removed before the publication of the cards in OverVATCH 2.

Whether all the allusions within Wow are still removed, on the other hand, on another leaf. After all, different teams work and the announcement to incorporate no hints in the game involved in any on the project, came only from the Overwatch Team.


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