Nintendo Switch Comparison video shows how much lighter of the OLED

Not a long time, then the Nintendo Switch OLED sees the light of the world. In Japan, the Nintendo Stores in Tokyo were already looking at the new model in a showcase and convince themselves of the new OLED screen. First unboxing videos are now diving on the network, which show the scope of the packaging and the OLED model itself.

A first comparison video of the Youtubers Nintendo Prime accepts the question of how the OLED screen cuts out compared to the original switch model. So if you are still with the purchase, the following video should make your purchase decision easier.

OLED screen vs original screen

After the Youtuber has unpacked the most important parts, a direct comparison of the two models can be seen in the video. In the upper part of the video you see the original model, while the new OLED model can be seen below:

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What are the screens in comparison? First of all, the size difference of the two screens falls up. The standard switch has a 6.2 inch screen, while the OLED model screen measures proud 7 inches.

However, the size of the screen has no influence on the size of the switch console itself, so that the old Joy-Cons can be used with the new model.

In direct comparison, the different coloring of the two screens also falls on. The colors in the OLED display have a lot more intense and contrasting than the original model.

The first official promo video to the OLED model can be found here:

That you have to know about the OLED model

When will the OLED model appear? The Nintendo Switch OLED appears on October 8, 2021 at a price of 359.99 euros. By the way, Metroid Dread appears at the same time, so you would have a brand new title directly, which you can play on the OLED model.

What else is there for innovations? The SWITCH dock of the OLED model offers a LAN port for the possibility of a wired internet connection. Other features of the OLED model are a wider kickstand, a larger internal memory and an improved audio.

All information about the OLED model can be found in our OLED screen review article:

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However, the OLED model offers only the said external changes, inner life was not screwed. So the OLED model did not get the hoped-for power boost, which many would have liked. A 4K resolution of the built-in OLED screen remains unfortunately.

All switch models in comparison: In this OLED screen article we list all differences between OLED, standard switch and Lite.

Which switch model do you like in direct comparison better?