The release date of SPELUNKY 2 for PC has been dug

The inventory of the last month revealed a lot of things. We all had a very good overview of the follow-up of Spelunky reworked in 2012 in a gameplay trailer derEk Yu. As a Sony event, we only got the release date of SPELUNKY 2 on PS4, leaving the PC users in the dark with an coming message. Fortunately, soon is actually very soon. Yesterday, Mossmouth announced that Spelunky 2 would arrive on Steam just weeks after his launch on PS4. He was originally going out in 2017, but things happen and he was delayed several times.

The release date of SPELUNKY 2 on PS4 is September 15 and in a message on Twitter, Mossmouth announced that the launch of the game on Steam would follow September 29. You can add it to your STEAM wish list now in case it is buried by other versions to come and it resurfaces at the right time. If you are looking at the Stage of Play trailer, you can see exactly where Spelunky 2 has developed during the first game, which is about everywhere. All, shops, characters, the hub community has been improved for a deeper experience.

PC users will have to wait a few weeks after spelunky s release 2 on PS4, so do you expect lucky because there is no other platforms advertised to support the game. Sorry, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. SPELUNKY 2 will be released on PC and PS4 on 29 and 15 September respectively.

On which platform will you do with speleology? Let us know in the comments below.

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