Wow Hunter Item Tame Pinke Elekks found to the Brauestest

Hunters are always looking for the one accessory in World of Warcraft, who picks them up from all other heroes in Wow and makes them absolutely unique. Why else should Hunter be able to energize with two companions by Azeroth? And why else are there so many Hunter items in the game world? ^^

Of course, you want to stand out in Wow as a player from the look or the equipment a bit from the other heroes to do not go into the mass of similarity. There is a tie tip for hunters from the people of Petopia (via icyveins) just right. Bock on a visually really extraordinary companion? Then snatch a pink Elekk!

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Pink Elekk in the Schwarzkelfelsteilen Tame Vorab: whether it is a bug all the story or not, is not known. But one thing seems like losing broth: Pink Elekks dive into Azeroth only when the bread test is celebrated. The Brauest 2021 lasts until 6 October 2021. So you only have a small time window to pick you pink Elekks!

To see the pink Elekk, you have to go to the normal version of the Dungeon Schwarzfelsheiten – not in the brauest version of it! Then your character should be either drunk or wear the synthaus brewer. In the black rock deep pub of the grim runner then a neutral, pink elekk appears, which can tame her. These are up to date to the only tameable specimen in very wow (Buy now 14.99 €) \ – and maybe it will disappear again with October 6, 2021 for a whole year, so until the next bread test.

Practical for all hunters: Elekks belong to the family of Mammuts and therefore they have to be no animal ruler to tame a pink elekk.

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