PlayStation Network Users complain about disorder and login

Tonight the worm seems to be in it: For about two hours both Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram are unavailable, now some users also report to massive problems with the PlayStation Network. Especially when logging in there are difficulties and error messages.

Let s hope that tomorrow we will not read from a server fire as the beginning of the year at the Datacenter of the Rust developers, because they can not be excluded at this time. More likely, however, a technical fault that paralyzes the servers and thus makes users make communication everywhere.

Mixed signals: The fault with the PlayStation Network

Quite as clear as on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram is the location of the PlayStation Network (Buy 50,00 € now) but not. Namely, the official service status of Sony s network shines in a bright green and announces that all systems run as lubricated. Some users, however, see that differently.

While on Twitter only individual players about problems with the PSN complain, other pages re-report higher numbers. Network world reports slightly more than 100 users who have to deal with a disturbance of the PlayStation Networks, on Allestö it is at least slightly more than 300.

Against the tonic thousands, which were excluded from the social media around Facebook (and are still), these are of course only small numbers. But you have to see the networks in relation to each other: especially in Germany, the concentrated power of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram of course has many times the users of the PSN. Therefore, it is likely that despite the significantly lower messages, the problems with Sony s service are not an infestation.

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