Bloodborne Rumors for Remaster and successor for PS5

A few days after the acquisition of Bluepoint Games was known by Sony, first rumors also appeared on the alleged projects, which are supposed to be in development with the makers of Demon s Souls Remakes. Via Twitter has reported Colin Moriarty and indicated that Bluepoint Games could work on Bloodborne. In a chat course at Discord, Moriarty expressed something more detailed to the rumors.

New Bloodborne Game Developed By Bluepoint Games? Sony Launches PS5 Game Trials, PS5 2022 Stock

Accordingly, the studio should not only work on a Remaster of Bloodborne for PS5 – also a brand new Sequel is supposed to arise with Bluepoint Games. Its source should also have known from the Wolverine game, which was recently announced by Insomniac Games. Colin Moriarty himself indicated the remake of Demon s soul before the official revelation. In recent months, there were always rumors around Bloodborne. For some time, fans have been a PS5 update with which the title is played in 60 fps. Also a PC version is on the wish list of the fans. In 2015, Bloodborne was released exclusively for PS4 and is now also playable via PlayStation Nov.

From Dominik Zwingmann
05.10.2021 at 17:06

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