PSN Big Sale with over 450 games deals

Sony unveils a new PSN Sale online. Once again waiting on PlayStation Store Hundreds Games deals for PS4 and PS5 on you: Over 450 offers are online. The list of games situated in the deal falls usual colorful mixed. This time, however, are mainly smaller games and indie games in the foreground. The deals include, Dull Gray (3.49 euros), Promesa (3.49 euros) Collapsed (9.74 euros), Superliminal (13.64 euros), Donut Break (6.39 euros) and Below (8 , 74 euros). In addition, deals come on Vanquish and Bayonetta – each 9.99 euros.

The offers in the current PSN Sale (buy now € 50.00) you also discover discounts on games like Ashen (15.99 euros), Spirit of the North (5.94 euros), Coffee Talk (5.59 euros) Yakuza 5 Remastered (9.99 euros), Castlevania Requiem: Symphony of the Night (8.99 euros)
Final Fantasy 15 Royal Edition (17.49 euros), Minit (3.99 euros) and Celeste (4.99 euros). Rime (17.49 euros), The Turing Test (7.99 euros), transistor (4.74 euros) and Steam World Dig (2.24 euros) also join in the deal list.

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A selection of the offers you will find in the following overview. On you get in turn the complete list of all the deals. Alternatively, you look directly at the PlayStation Store on your console over. Members of PS Plus receive additional discounts on selected services. Noted for the instructions on the product pages. Shipyard before buying a look in comparing prices and bargain leaders to miss no deals.

PSN Sale: Selection of new deals for PS4 & PS5

Ashen (15.99 euros)
Bayonetta (9.99 euros)
Below (8.74 euros)
Castlevania Requiem: Symphony of the Night (8.99 euros)
Celeste (4.99 euros)
Coffee Talk (5.59 euros)
Collapsed (9.74 euros)
Donut Break (6.39 euros)
Dull Gray (3.49 euros)
Final Fantasy 15 Royal Edition (17.49 euros)
Minit (3.99 euros)
Promesa (3.49 euros)
Rime (17.49 euros)
Spirit of the North (5.94 euros)
Steam World Dig (2.24 euros)
Superliminal (13.64 euros)
The Turing Test (7.99 euros)
Transistor (4.74 euros)
Vanquish (9.99 euros)
Yakuza 5 Remastered (9.99 euros)

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10/06/2021 09:22

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