Far Cry 6 Bandido Operations explains Overview of Los Bandidos

Far Cry 6 offers a few new features and game mechanics that have never been seen in the series before. One of these features are Bandido Operations, which are text-adventure mini-games that can be played from each of their main base camps. These operations reward you with weapons, craft materials, currency and more and can be done in the background while you explore Yara.

Bandido operations have a number of unique features, including leader with own skills and time windows, which prevent bandido operations from completing themselves and harvesting the rewards from them. Since they are timed, you can take Bandido operations and then go back to hunt some of the unique weapons places throughout Yara or to find deprived uranium for Resolver weapons and Supremos.

Continue reading to get a complete overview of the Far Cry 6 Bandido operations, including information on the unlocking other leader and unlocking additional leader.

Far Cry 6 bandido operations explained

Far CryDo Bandido operations can be accessed by any Los Bandidos game board in one of the three regions of the game: Madrugada, Valle de Oro and El Este.

As soon as you access the board, you can choose which operation you want to run. Each operation requires a certain number of Los Bandidos recruits that can be earned by the rescue of hostages near Yara. You also have to wait for a certain time after accepting the process to complete it. This can range from a few minutes to hours.

As soon as an operation is unlocked after a certain waiting time, you will complete three phases and make three decisions by selecting different options from a variety of scenarios that will be presented to you. In these scenarios, you can solve the problems either in different ways or use the abilities of your chosen leader to solve them. If you choose each option, you will receive various rewards, but you can have the price that you may fail to the step or surgery as a whole or lose some of your Los Bandidos recruits.

As soon as every three steps are completed, you will receive the final reward for it. Initially, you only start with a bandido operating slot, but this can be increased to eight if you finish further operations. You can also unlock other leaders from Los Bandidos by completing various operations and Yaran stories across the country.

These operations have no impact on the other world of Far Cry 6, but they are a nice complement that you can earn more rewards in the background while you play.

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