Nacon fait l acquisition du studio Ishtar Games The Last Spell

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The most active French publisher in the studio race, Nacon announces to finalize the acquisition of the French Studio Ishtar Games, formerly known as CCCP, which becomes the 14th Studio of Development of the Group.

This acquisition then intervenes that Ashtar Games is meeting a nice success with the Tactical Roguelike The Last Spell , which has exceeded 150,000 sales since the beginning of its early access on June 3, 2021. A success in Which nacon is for nothing since the game is published by The Arcade Crew, a subsidiary of Dotemu … and therefore Focus, which is piped somehow again a nacon development partner after cyanide and spiders.

The Nacon Communiqué explains that the acquisition of Ishtar Games (previously known for Dead in Bermuda and Dead in Vinland ) is accompanied by the creation of a new iShtar label that will specialize in the Creation and marketing of independent games with high potential for the nacon account. Ishtar Games will therefore have the dual mission of developing games, as the management game Lakeburg Legacies announced at E3, and to find nuggets from outside.

This acquisition and the creation of the label demonstrate the ambition and will of cour to propose high quality games, developed by and for gamers. The iShtar Games team will allow us to make progress on the independent game segment.

Alain FALC, CEO of Nacon

Matthew Richez, CEO and Creative Director, will remain at the orders of a team made up of about thirty people between Lille and Bordeaux, retaining the same editorial independence while benefiting from the commercial support of Nacon. With this acquisition, nacon video game pole now has 14 development studios (9 in France, 2 in Canada, 1 in Belgium, 1 in Italy and 1 in Australia) and totals not far from 600 developers, not counting the 70 employees of the team in charge of the edition.