Riot announces an interactive arcana experience for the new League of Legends program

Riot Games has been associated with Secret Cinema for a new interactive experience that revolves around arcane, liga of legends television program that will arrive at Netflix. This experience that will bring to Los Angeles will allow people to experience an incomparable person access to the Arcano Universe with iconic champions of League of Legends, never before seen and a world of surprises, according to an advance of arcane. It is scheduled to start on November 21, date after the premiere of arcano .

A brief advancement of live immersive experience was shared in social networks in the form of the work of art shown below. It shows Jinx in the middle, his sister I saw right and the new character known as Silco on the left.

I would like to tell you a very important secret. One that will surely take you down a dangerous way …
Cinecreto presents arcano
A IMersive live experience
Opens on November 21, 2021
Los Angeles, USA UU

Your entangle adventure awaits you: liga of legends

  • Secret Cinema (@secretcinema) October 12, 2021

Secret Cinema ArCANO The experience will score the first time the company ventures in games from arcano is based on legends , but the limited availability of experience means that it will not be accessible to anyone. That is because it will only be available in Los Angeles, where Riot Games has its headquarters and other places have not been announced at this time.

In the ArCANO page that has been configured on the Secret Cinema site, we learn a little more about the interactive experience that will begin next month. Tickets go on sale from October 14 and start at $ 70 for those in the area or those who wish to travel through the arcane.

Between executors and assassins, scientists and survivors converted into rebels, you will enter the dark and dangerous world of Arcane in a unique immersive experience, a progress of Secret Cinema. ArCANO Experience he said. Chosen as citizens of entrails and equipped with background stories and personalized missions, the line between the actors and the public is blurred. While freely walks the streets of real size, it is found with characters and lets be carried away by action, their choices and actions directly impact how the story is developed.

Time Arcano will focus on Jinx, we already know that several others -reading champions like VI, Jayce, Viktor will be present in the program along with new characters. The program is scheduled to launch in Netflix on November 6, but not all episodes will be launched at once. Instead, it will be divided into three different acts that should take viewers to the launch of interactive experience.

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