Far Cry 6 That s how the Los Bandidos works

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At the mini-game Los Bandidos you can sit back in Far Cry 6 times and let others fight for you. For managing these inserts, rewards wave. In addition to the recruits, who willingly throw themselves into the battle for you, you need comandantes, so special NPCs who take over the command. We explain you step by step on how the game works and how your recruits and comandantes finds.

Comandantes and find recruits

It s about it: Los Bandidos is a mini-game. You do not have to fight forever, but manage combat missions. You can collect rewards, but will also be punished for failures.

FAR CRY 6 - How to Recruit Big Papi Leader Location Guide (Big Papi in Little Yara) Los Bandidos

Comandantes: About boards in the camps have access to the mini-game. There you will see how many recruits and comandantes are currently available. You can also view the profiles of the latter. You find it not only the background history of your commands, but also what skills you have. These are useful for certain orders.

This is how you find comandantes: In addition to the persons you have already found, free fields for those who have to recruit them. The practical thing: You will be displayed directly there what you need to do to recruit these NPCs. On the sample picture is the Yaranian story Big Papi in Little Yara . You even see where this story plays.

Recruits: These simple fighters are the people who can free them in enemy stores or on the plantations for example. So if you discovered bound NPCs, it is worth to cut them.

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How works Los Bandidos

If your recruits and comandantes are at the start, you can start. The types already mentioned offer you an overview of the available orders. You will see the rewards waiting for you. These include, for example, money, resources, but also weapons.

Selects an order and assigns it to this one squad. You can see which skills of the Comandantes are useful and can assign appropriate professionals. Then you have to wait for the specified preparation time until you can continue.

Has this time expired, you have the choice between different tasks and gets information about these: What do you cost, what loses to the defeat (for example, up to 6 recruits) and how high is the chance of success? If you have decided, you will learn if the mission was successful or not. Of course, luck here does not play an insignificant role here.

Have you already tried this mini game and found many comandantes?

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