NBA Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers in Check

Already in the previous year, both teams were considered the title favorites – but in the end, however, the Milwaukee Bucks were franchise giannis antetokounmpo, who won the title. The super teams from Brooklyn and Los Angeles have therefore once again raised their squad. The new title fight seems to play now right between the two franchises.

Starting Five

Brooklyn Nets

The Star Power of the Brooklyn Nets is terrified. The MVP caliber player Kevin Durant, James Harden and Kyrie Irving could lead a franchise in some nights alone to victory. Hardly conceivable that this three-member monster , as such a trio is often called, runs for the same franchise.

The star trio of the Brooklyn Nets: Durant, Harden and Irving (V.L.). Nbae via Getty Images

Together with numerous ex-all stars, Head-Coach Steve Nash has a wide selection of startups from which he can choose. One possibility would be a starting five of Irving, Harden, Durant, Blake Griffin and Lamarcus Aldridge. Through durants variability, however, the starting five can look very different, which was clearly clear last season, when Durant was used for some time as a center. Through his athletics and height of (at least) 2.08 meters, he can almost defend each position. For Brooklyn, a shooter like Joe Harris could move into the starting position and Durant on the next larger position. It quickly becomes clear how to rotate any Nash.

The special strength of the Nets and their three stars is in the offensive. Durant, harden and irving can attack the basket, go into one-to-one, find the pass to the free man or create a throw itself. Offensively, Brooklyn is enormously strong and flexible and thus a horror for each defensive. Compared to the trio from Los Angeles, the three of Brooklyn are even enormously efficient. Durant and harden has ever been awarded the MVP Award because of their qualities.

The big but in New York City: The superstar trio has been in the past season only in eight games together in the parquet. Again and again injuries or other affairs set one of the superstars except battle. So it was also in this year s play-offs: Durant shone with outstanding achievements, while the harden played due to a thigh injury with the handbrake attracted and rejoined Irving on the bench. Speaking of Irving: This makes the Big Three just to a Big Two . Because he continues to vaccinate partout, the Nets have temporarily deleted him from training and playing.

Los Angeles Lakers

The L. A. Lakers offer the almost equal counterpart to the Nets. Clear Leader is the now 36-year-old LeBron James, who has already reached everything in his career. Together with top defender Anthony Davis, the Lakers already brought the title 2020. The duo has not been one of the best of the league in 2019 for no reason since her collapsed in 2019, because together they combine offensive, defensive and athletics. As an additional reinforcement, Los Angeles has secured the services of Russell Westbrook for the coming season. The Point Guard can grant many opportunities to the team through his Physis and Fast-Break qualities. Through these three superstars, the Lakers also completed their three-headed monsters . How that harmonizes on the court remains to be seen.

Together in 2019, James and Davis (V.L.). Nbae via Getty Images

In the new season, Los Angeles could start very variably in the season games. One way would be a starting five from Westbrook, Wesley Mathews, James, Davis and Dwight Howard. The latter joined the team after a year in Philadelphia, with whom he became Master 2020. But even here can be rotated arbitrarily. Helpful: Thanks to its overview, James has already played on the Point Guard position. So the Lakers can come with a very large posing.

The great strength in L. A. is the train to the basket and the counterparts that the Lakers can drive after a successful defensive sequence. However, a weak point could be the defense. Although Lakers players can definitely defend well, especially Westbrook and James have their heads quickly have their heads in recent years and were defensively not too committed. Example for this are the last year s play-offs, when the king after failed attacks no longer fell into the defensive.

Another difficulty could be the spacing , so the free space in the offensive. Both James and Westbrook are players who belong in the train to the basket for the absolute elite, but weaken at the throw – even if LeBron has increased in recent years. Furthermore, Howard is a pure zone center whose throw is simply too harmless. So it could happen that the players of the Lakers mutually deliver the place in the zone, as their defenders do not have to defend them during the throw.

Cadent depth

Brooklyn Nets

Almost as important as a good start preparation are constant role players from the bank. With Harris, Brooklyn could bring one of the top three-sellers of the league from the bench every night, which could possibly be starters in other franchises. In addition, Brooklyn is double on any position and can thus replace injury or failing players well.

Patty Mills is an experienced trierist and was an important building block of San Antonio Spurs under Gregg Popovich for years. Also on youngsterns is not a lack of Brooklyn. With Sekou Dooubouya (20) and Nicolas Claxton (22) are two very promising talents on the Nets bank.

More importantly, especially essential for a championship team: With James Johnson and Paul Millsap, the Nets have two very experienced Glue Guys in their ranks, which can help a team in the game, but especially in the cabin. Players who do not have to play the first violin in a team, but take back and hold the team together. Best example of Glue Guys are Draymond Green and P.J. Tucker. Both help their team enormously through their use. With the veterans Johnson and Millsap, the NETs have therefore committed important puzzle pieces.

Los Angeles Lakers

At the Los Angeles Lakers, there are even greater names on the bank than the Nets. Last summer, they reinforced with players like Carmelo Anthony, once one of the top scorers of the league, Deandre Jordan, former All-Star, Rajon Rondo, two champion with a scoring understanding, as few possess, and Trevor Ariza, in front of some Years one of the best Three-and-D players of the league (players who can reliably meet the threesome and to defend above average).

Not without reason, in the social media, how unbeatable the team would be from Los Angeles, we were involved in 2014. At that time, most of the older Lakers players were all stars. Now the veterans can help their team from the bank to win a title. With the trades and negotiated contracts, the Lakers have also put together a squad in which every position is double-occupied – and a bank that can take their top players the load from the shoulders.


Steve Nash (Li.) And Frank Bird. Getty Images

Brooklyn Nets

On the side line is in Brooklyn a coach newcomer, which spent last season his first as a NBA Head Coach: Steve Nash. The two-time MVP has risen relatively suddenly to the coach of Nets and now has a huge task before the chest – because the expectations of the super team are immensely. Last season, the 47-year-old has shown his potential as a coach and made the right decisions in important situations. Whether he can lead a team to the NBA title, after a year coaching experience is still uncertain.

Los Angeles Lakers

In assistant trainer Jason Kidd, the Lakers have lost an important cornerstone in the coaching team. The chief and master coach Frank bird remained, however. In his coaching career, Vogel has already proven his coaching qualities several times, in the Master Year 2020 he showed his game understanding through a sophisticated defensive tactic. That he can lead a team to the title, he has at least once again proved.


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Both teams have the nose in different points. In terms of talent, scoring and offensive, it is Brooklyn, while the Lakers can score above all with experience and lane depth. So who in a Best-of-Seven series is therefore expected to be a winner, remains to be seen.

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