First criticism of eternals is the version of La Justice League of Zack Snyder de Marvel

The premiere of eternals hUnited States recently taken place in the city of Los Angeles with the main media and critics of the United States who have already begun to share their impressions for just over two weeks of their world premiere in cinemUnited States, scheduled for The next November 5, 2021 . And we already have some of the most representative, mostly, quite positive , praising from its photograph and distributed to its unique tone and style, in addition to ensuring that the post-specific scenes are at another level. Let s review some of these first criticism of eternals, all of them without spoilers .

The review gets rid of praise towards Eternals

Eternals is the Marvel version of the Justice League of Zack Snyder. A film that is supported by a cUnited Statest of unknown characters and does it with great success. The direction of Chloé Zhao is superb. EUnited Statesily one of the Marvel movies with a better appearance of all time. The post-scanned scenes are also crazy, says Scott Menzel of We Live Entertainment.

Eternals is Marvel s Version of Zack Snyder s Justice League. A Film That Builds Upon A CUnited Statest of Unknown Characters and Does So With Great Success. Chloé Zhao Direction is Superb. EUnited Statesily One of the Best Looking Marvel Films of All Time. Insane post credits Scenes TOO. Eternals

  • Scott Menzel (@scottdmenzel) October 19, 2021


Eternals is perhaps the most ambitious Marvel movie ever made. But the greatest fulfillment that I can do is that it is not a Marvel movie; It s a movie of Chloé Zhao, Share Brian Davis by The Hollywood Reporter.

With the impressive visual effects of Chloé Zhao and a set of actors that seem destined to the UCM, Eternals does not look like any other Marvel movie. So many great turns and the chemistry of the cUnited Statest really make this movie one to see , says Nora Dominick of Buzzfeed.

Extraordinary technical world built by Chloé Zhao; Magnificent and ambitious at a level that is a bit amazing. I will be unraveling the movie all night. A great march change of Marvel. The credits will impact everyone, writes Nikki Novak of Fandango.

Eternals is amazing! Chloé Zhao and company make a superhero film evocative, emotional and extraordinarily epic. The whole hUnited States a great chemistry and everyone hUnited States great moments of film to show their dexterity. The naturalism of the photograph of Ben Davis highlights the humanity of the characters, says Variety Courtney Howard .

Although there is also room for disappointment; so Matt Neglia shares of Next Best Picture: Beyond some dazzling moments and a wonderfully diverse cUnited Statest, Eternals wUnited States disappointed. The story is an exhibition tangle jumping through time and multiple continents with an uneven tone. The soundtrack Ramin Djawadi is very good, but the distinctive style of Chloé Zhao is sadly absent.

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