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Irrer plan provides heavy criticism clubs of ex Bavaria

In order to bring the financially attacked Ligue 1 to the course, the French league approved an extraordinary plan. In the middle: The clubs of ex-Bavaria Jérôme Boateng, Niko Kovac and Alexander Nubel. But these get a shitstorm from the fans.

The Corona pandemic has met the French Ligue 1 even harder than the other major European leagues. Revenues and revenues have already been broken, it is already clear that the league will be reduced or reduced from 20 to 18 clubs in the future. To conquer new markets and thus to boost sales, there is now a crazy-looking plan.

The financially attackeds direction L Équipe reported on Thursday that the League plans to take out the round game between the AS Monaco and Olympique Lyon in February 2022 in Shanghai. Both the club of ex-Bayern coach Niko Kovac and loan Alexander Nübel and the club of the ex-Munich Jérôme Boateng have already approved this plan.

Duell of the ex-Bayern stars in Shanghai?

Monaco agreed and I have given the approval, too, said Lyon-Boss Jean-Michel Aulas, who at the same time noticed that the logistical prerequisites for the trip of course have to be created. But it s right. Monaco and we have agreed to lay the game. For the image and the dissemination of Ligue 1 it is an ambitious project.

That Lyon has agreed to the plan, does not surprise. 20 percent of the club has been owned by a Chinese investment fund since 2016. The league has been trying for some time to take foot on the Asian market. For this reason, new kick-off times were introduced to the season 2020/21. Not infrequently affected is Lyon, who has already gained two of the controversial 13: 00 clock games in the current season.

Whether it really comes to the planned relocation, however, remains to be seen, because still the world association has not yet given its consent. This is a prerequisite to implement the plan.

Fans run storm: … and then he howls again

The fans get the idea of ​​game laying as expected not so well. Online, many followers made their displeasure about the plans air.

Papa Aulas has given his approval, but as soon as Lyon has two games in seven days again, we will hear him howling again, wrote a user. Another noticed: It s okay. In terms of climate, global warming and pollution, we are fine. A football match on the other side of the earth is not a problem.