The mercenaries 4 will be the last film of the saga for Sylvester Stallone

A few weeks ago we told you how Sylvester Stallone has just landed in England, ready to start the filming of 4 mercenaries, which this time will take place in the United Kingdom, after having visited in previous deliveries of the Saga Territories such as Rio de Janeiro, Brazil , Los Angeles, Bulgaria or Romania.

In the previous films of the Saga, Sylvester Stallone had been participating much more actively in the production of the feature films, exerting as a producer and the writer, but in the fourth delivery of the mercenaries He has dedicated exclusively to acting.

This seems to have been solely the first step of him to say goodbye to the saga and leave it in the hands of the new generations. Recall that Expendables 4 will have new names, celebrities such as: Megan Fox , Curtis 50 cent Jackson, Andy García or Tony Jaa , but it will also have Jason Statham on a role with even greater prominence.

Sylvester Stallone has shared through Instagram his last day of filming, saying goodbye to this movie but also of all the saga of the mercenaries that now leaves in the Habiles hands of Jason Statham .

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This will be my last day , announces the actor, The I am enjoying it, but it is always bitterswell when it is something that you have been so attached … I guess from … well, they have already passed 12 years .

Stallone confesses that the best thing about him is being able to make movies that are entertaining, but at the same time he wants to send a small message with them: What I try to transmit in my success movies is the touch human .

No Both the action, the action is evident by itself, continues counting, sino de connect with the audience One a way they can be identified with the mission that is, with the characters there. .. Give them an evasion and hoping there is some extra little thing there .

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