Country of the Wind Open Illegal Program Issue Team Reprint Response

Recently, the country of macro and illegal program issues: The operation of the Year said. The factor is that this week update is primarily to prevent use of illegal programs and continuously respond.

The country of the wind: The Yeon Operation announced the developer s letter through the official community on the 13th night of the 13th. The main contents are recently involved in the macros and illegal programs that are issued in various communities.

According to the game Mecca, the country of the wind now: A macro of the name of Liyi Gener , which helps to make efficient hunting on 24 hours a day, automatically, and auto channels that can search for a specific user s channel The search program has been used a long time ago. Nevertheless, it was not presented a few months to do a few months on the executor side, and the complaints of users were accumulated.

In the end, the operator said he would care for the construction of illegal program detection systems prior to other systems development. A separate dedicated team for corresponding issues has been configured, and we planned a turning film that is currently being used through this week s update. The operator said, The announcement was slower, I will continue to be able to do so, I will try to do so that it does not have a cause of damage caused by illegal programs.

In addition, this announcement has also been developing optimization and PC versions to prevent frequent skipping phenomena.