While Diablo 2 Resurrected crisp cheer competitor Path of Exile

Path of Exile is an ARPG and MMO set in a dark fantasy world. It develops the independent company New Zealand Grinding Gear Games and can be downloaded and played for free. The project is economically maintained thanks to ethical micropayments . [1] On January 23, 2013, an open beta version was published. [2] In March 2013, the game had reached the two million subscribers. The game abandoned the beta phase and finally published both in Steam [3] and on its own website on October 23, 2013. [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]

At Blizzard, the housekeeping hangs straight up: Online problems Machendiablo 2: Resurrected also to create one month after release. Meanwhile, Path of Exile is just a pollination. You cheer about the game numbers of the new extension Scourge and is very close to the all-time record.

This is the situation at Diablo 2 Resurrected:

We reported Meinmom on Sunday that Blizzard is currently being coated with complaints about Diablo 2.
The players on PC and consoles are annoyed over long queues and unstable servers. The infrastructure does not seem to be withstanding the many boss runs of the players.
People scold on Blizzard, demand their money back, even threaten to complain.

The trailer for the new extension of Path of Exile looks like Diablo:

New expansion brings players back to Path of Exile

This is how it works at Path of Exile: At Path of Exile, however, you have the best mood. It is said that Action-RPG has achieved a peak of 254.570 players, which are 96% of the all-time maximum.

This is also so spicy because Path of Exile is considered unofficial succession of the gloomy Diablo 2 and created with the idea that Diablo 3 is not a worthy successor, but for colorful and simple knitted.

Therefore, it loves Path of Exile particularly bleak, bloody and appreciates its interleaved items and progress system. Exactly in this score, the new extension beats.

New expansion brings cubes similar to Diablo

Why is it just as good at Path of Exile? Path of Exile has launched a new extension on 22 October on the PC: Path of exile: The Scourge . The extension should start tomorrow on PlayStation and Xbox.

Scourge is a typical extension as it comes once in the quarter to Path of Exile. A demon army from a parallel timeline engages. Players can drink their weapons in the blood of the demons and strengthen them.

How PC Gamer writes is with the extension, an artifact comes into play, the Blood Crucible . Remembering the Horadric Cube from Diablo 2. With it, players can recycle existing items and install all kinds of upgrades. Add to this new skills like a tornado and sets of skills that are thought of co-op players and with which 2 players can connect.

Apparently, the extension meets the taste of the players of Path of Exile.

You can almost read it as a page that you are looking forward to Path of Exile about how smooth everything went. Although you had some difficulties in the launch, but have quickly got up to the handle, writes the team.

Maybe Blizzard looks just jealous of the competitors.

In a few years, it could come to the big showdown between Diablo 4 and Path of Exile 2:

Path of Exile 2 wants to record it with Diablo 4 and Blizzard – looks at the advantage

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