Dragona is a hybrid Death Dragon Fantasy SCI

New maximum level of experience: 70 lvl

New Dungeon: Huanis Temple

New Dungeon: Death Dragon s Cave

New region: Exile Fortress

New World Boss: Rechya

Dozens of new tasks (from the extension of the story of the Daily and Guild Questa)

New items for 60-70 lvl

New Transformation

rebuilt item shop

New Halloween Event

That s all (and even more) waiting for you in the latest addition to Dragon World, which this morning has officially visited servers.

Stick here.

But you probably want to know what Dragon is? No wonder. It is a very ~~ niche ~~ forgotten Death Dragon, which only in 2019 (after six years of absence) returned to the world of vivid.

Dragona Online in 2021

Dragona is a hybrid title, which means only that fantasy elements mix here with science-fiction. It is also worth paying attention to the possibility of transformation of our character in the dragon version (hence the title of Dragon).

You can choose from eight classes: Gunner, Scout, Sniper, Guardian, Assassin, Ranger, Magician, Shaman. Two for each of the available characters (Human, Kali, Eldin, Catch).