Little players and poor reviews Elyon did not score a successful start

Kakao Games Corp. (Hangul: 카카오 게임즈) is a South Korean video game publisher and a subsidiary of Kakao, specializing in the development and publication of games on PC, mobile and VR platforms. Initially known as Daum Games before the acquisition of Daum, Kakao Games has gone from the distribution of games only in South Korea. From now on, Kakao Games distributes its games around the world in North America, Europe and other parts of Asia thanks in part to its social aspect with KakaoTalk. Kakao uses the gambling portal of Daum and the social network of KakaoTalk to connect the players within their games.

As the Elyon s premiere has passed a week (October 20), we can already pull the first conclusions about the game and its current condition.

Elyon - It Took 1 Whole Week To Start Making Changes For The Worse
Unfortunately, Kakao Games does not have any reason to be happy. Despite the transformation from the BUY-TO-play model for free-to-play (which was supposed to translate into increased popularity), Elyon recorded a very average not to say a very average start on the steam.

At the top time we had only 15,000 people on the servers.

When it comes to CCU records, Elyon lost to all numeric titles Massively Multiplayer online on the Valve platform. New World, Elder Scrolls Online, Final Fantasy XIV, Black Desert, Star Wars The Old Republic – know, but Elyon also succumbed to this year s competitors Bless Unleashed, Mir4, Grand Chase, and even Swords of Legends online, which despite B2P and a smaller Hype In Elyon, it reached 18k people online at the premiere.

After the new work of the creators of the online tera, we probably expected something more. Truth?

Nieciocawa also look like a game assessment that can have a huge impact on the future of the game. At the moment, Elyon can praise only 52% of positive reviews.

Most criticism applies to technical matters, so when Kakao Games can deal with problems, Elyon s evaluation will probably go up. Just like in the case of New World.

You play here.

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Very nice game, I will stay here for longer

Typical medium

Big disappointment

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