COD VANGUARD How long does the campaign last So much playing time does you need

Call of Duty: Vanguard Lets you as part of the Vanguard Troupe in the Solo Campaign World War II. But how long does the fun last? Is the Victory Day already reached after a few hours or do you have to take more time until the Nazis are defeated? Here on Meinmmo you will learn the length of the campaign in single player mode.

What s all in the campaign? In the Solo campaign of Vanguard you play in the name-based specialty force, in which members of all possible specialty units of the Allied Armed Forces are represented. Your goal is to stop the nasty Nazi-rogue Colonel group leader Hermann Wenzel Freisinger and his secret project Phoenix.

To do so, you fight on various war desks through nine different missions, including the already known battle around Stalingrad. Each of them takes between 30 and 45 minutes, depending on how much time you let you explore the maps and what difficultiness you have chosen.

Length of Vanguard single player campaign is on average of the series

This is the length of the campaign in Vanguard: Let s go from the regular level of difficulty and a reasonably experienced player in shooters, then the campaign should take between 4.5 and 7 hours.

So who plays a fleet or is very good, who is likely to have defeated the Nazis after a good afternoon after release and can celebrate Victory Day.

How long does a COD campaign last on average? With a length of a good 5 hours, Vanguard is on average of the COD series. For comparison: The last title, Cold was, was sashed by a good 5 hours. The longest title of the series was Black Ops III, which required a good seven hours of playing time.

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The campaign is through, what should I play in Vanguard now? Luckily, the campaign is not the only thing you can gamble in the game. For anyone who likes to upload Ki opponents, but reluctantly plays alone, who can let off steam in the new zombie mode and make massive Undead.

Competitive players, on the other hand, are in Zig game modes in the multiplayer and later the year is finally the new Warzone with the Pacific Map. In addition, it is still progressing after Release: Here is the roadmap for the time after the release of Cod Vanguard.