On Steam you can currently test the MMORPG Gloria Victim for free. This is a sandbox game in the Middle Ages, in which everything revolves around the conquering fortresses. Currently, it is still in the Early Access.

What is that for a game? Gloria Victim is an indie-MMORPG that focuses on realism, PVP and the fighting for fortresses. In the game you enjoy many freedoms, but will not be as strongly taken on the hand, as in Theme Park games.

The MMORPG dispenses with classes. You will develop you via a skill system, where there are no active skills.

There is no magic. The focus is on realistic battles.
You manage huge castles that can be besieged and conquered by other players.
Generally, PVP is possible everywhere in the world.
Gloria Victim relies on an action combat system that reminds of for Honor.
There are EVE content such as quests and raids, the focus is on the PVP.
Crafting and the player-powered economy play an important role.
There is a shop with cosmetic content.

Since 2016 Gloria Victim is located in the Early Access on Steam and costs 19.99 euros there. There is not a release date yet.

What has it with the free test? By 15 November you can participate in an event where Gloria Victim is completely free of charge. You can try all the contents of the MMORPG and gamble as much as you want.

A first insight into Gloria Victim offers you this video from the YouTuber Black Tune:

Gloria Victim is considered an MMORPG with a lot of potential, but it can not retrieve it

How does Gloria Victim arrive? On Steam, the game comes to 70% positive at 4,764 ratings. Also in the last 30 days it was rated to 70% positive.

In October 311 players Gloria Victim played on average, peak were 522 online at the same time.

What is praised at the MMORPG? Many see in the combat system, the free builds and the slaughter s great potential.

Especially when many players fight in a huge battle for a fortress, the MMORPG should stand out particularly positive. The fighting should also put a lot of value on skill.

Praise is also available for the Loot system that should feel very rewarding, and the fact that there is no pay2win. There are also weekly updates and regular insights into the ideas and concepts of developers.

What is criticized? Criticism is primarily there that Gloria Victim should have a lot of potential, but not retrieved.

The skills should often specify false numbers, the combat system should have some bugs and the textures often be very washed.

There is also criticism that you can not play alone because you are constantly on larger, enemy player groups. The different nations that fight are not to be balanced. Last but not least, a toxic community will complain about how they often exist in PVP games.

Are you also interested in topics related to Gloria Victim Games?

For whom is the MMORPG interesting? Gloria Victim is focused mainly of PVP and Middle Ages fans, which also do not great focus on the graphic. You clearly see the MMORPG that it is developed by a small team.

In addition, you should handle Open-World PVP, because this is a crucial content of the game and happens everywhere, except some secure zones. During death, you lose your inventory, while it should take a long time until the enemies have looted your items, so they are often left up until they come from the respawn. A certain frustration tolerance is still important.

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