World Cup in Qatar Survey Barely believe in chance on World Cup title of DFB

Despite five wins in five games, there is still a lot of work on Hans Flick.

Before graduating in the World Cup qualification with the games against Liechtenstein on Thursday in Wolfsburg and three days later in Armenia, the football national team of the people in Germany the big litter in Qatar will not be added in the coming year.

Only three percent of respondents believe in the fifth World Cup title profit of DFB-ELF on 18 December 2022 in Doha. This revealed a representative survey of the opinion research institute YouGov on behalf of the German Press Agency.

Comfortable for flick: Even five percent think that Manuel new and his colleagues as in Russia are already failing in the group stage. 20 percent — and thus most respondents — expect leaving in the quarterfinals. Ten percent think that a round is already concluded in the second round, 16 percent see the DFB-ELF in the semifinals and seven percent tap a move to the final with subsequent final defeat. After all, 39 percent have no opinion on German World Cup.

Flick before star record as national coach

With the persuasion, Joshua Gimmick and colleagues can begin this week. After the qualification followed in Nordmasedonia in October at the 4-0 in Northern Macedonia, Flick gathered its squad on this Monday in Wolfsburg. Until 19:30, Captain Manuel Neuer and the farthest of Flick Nominated Nominated Nominated in the Ritz Carlton Hotel in the Wolfsburg Autostart arrive.

We want 27 points we can achieve that we want to get and say goodbye with two victories. That s the focus, said Flick the German Press Agency.

With the firmly planned success against Liechtenstein on Thursday in Volkswagen Arena, Flick would set up a star record with the sixth victory in the sixth game as a national coach. Three days later, with the guest play in Armenia for the DFB selection, the exceptional round for the World Cup tournament 2022 in Qatar is finished. The next country games are then as trial sections in March coming year.

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Flick brings two long-nominated actors into the circle of the national player for the year-ending in Julian Brandt and Julian Dealer. Also, that of him not yet nominated EM actor Christian Günter is there in the squad. For the first time, the Wolfsburg attacker Lukas Mecca belongs to the A-bid. Time Werner, who hitherto hit four out of five games under Flick, is missing.